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Wyclef Jean - Letras de Musicas

  1. Suicide Love (feat. Eve) (Letra)
  2. In The Zone(feat. Ivy Queen) (Letra)
  3. I Am Your Doctor (Letra)
  4. Two Wrongs (Feat. Claudette Ortiz) (Letra)
  5. Celebrate (Letra)
  6. Gangsta Cause (Letra)
  7. Daddy (Letra)
  8. Pullin Me In (Letra)
  9. Real City (Letra)
  10. Take Me As I Am (Letra)
  11. Riot (Letra)
  12. The Buzz (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. 1-800 Hechman (Letra)
  2. 24 Heures A Vivre (Letra)
  3. 25 To Life (feat. Xzibit, Juvenile,Nature, Ja Rule,Reptile) (Letra)
  4. 80 Bars (Letra)
  5. 911 (Letra)
  6. Angie Martinez (Letra)
  7. Another One Bites The Dust (Letra)
  8. Any Other Day (Letra)
  9. Anything Can Happen (Letra)
  10. Apocalypse (Letra)
  11. Baby (Letra)
  12. Baby Daddy (Letra)
  13. Birima (Letra)
  14. Birthday (Letra)
  15. Blood Is Thicker Than Wather (Letra)
  16. Bubblegoose (Bakin' Cake Version) (Letra)
  17. Bubblegoose (Letra)
  18. Bugatti Freestyle (Letra)
  19. Bus Search (Letra)
  20. Caribbean Connection (feat. Wyclef Jean) (Letra)
  21. Celebrate (Letra)
  22. Cheated (Rock Remix) (Letra)
  23. Cheated (To All The Girls)(feat. The Product, Queen Pen) (Letra)
  24. Chickenhead (Remix)(feat. Spragga Benz) (Letra)
  25. Class Reunion (Letra)
  26. Cluck Cluck (Letra)
  27. Coast 2 Coast (Letra)
  28. Coqui (feat. Wyclef & Julio Voltio) (Letra)
  29. Da Cypha(feat. Supreme C, Marie Antoinette, Hope) (Letra)
  30. Da Industry (Letra)
  31. Daddy (Letra)
  32. Dance Like This (Letra)
  33. Dangerous (Letra)
  34. Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) (feat. Santana,Alexandre Pires & Avicii) (Letra)
  35. Death Threats (Letra)
  36. Diallo(feat. MB^2, Yossou N'Dour) (Letra)
  37. Divine Sorrow (feat. Avicii) (Letra)
  38. Down Lo Ho (Letra)
  39. Earthquake (Letra)
  40. Election Time (Letra)
  41. Enter The Carnival (Interlude) (Letra)
  42. Everyone Wants to Be (Letra)
  43. Fast Car (Letra)
  44. Five-O (Letra)
  45. Fresh Interlude (Letra)
  46. Gangsta Cause (Letra)
  47. Ghetto Racine (PJ's Creole Mix) (Letra)
  48. Gone 'Til November (Letra)
  49. Grateful (Letra)
  50. Guantanamera(feat. Lauryn Hill) (Letra)
  51. Gueto Religion (feat. R. Kelly) (Letra)
  52. Gunpowder (Letra)
  53. Haitian Experience (Letra)
  54. Haitian Slumdog Millionaire (feat. Imposs) (Letra)
  55. Heavens in new york (Letra)
  56. Hendrix (Letra)
  57. Hey Buster (Letra)
  58. Hey Girl (Letra)
  59. Hip Hop (Letra)
  60. Hips Don't Lie (Letra)
  61. Hold On (feat. Mavado) (Letra)
  62. Hollyhood To Hollywood(feat. Small World) (Letra)
  63. Hollywood Meets Bollywood (Letra)
  64. However You Want It (Letra)
  65. I Am Your Doctor (Letra)
  66. I'm The Only Gay Eskimo (Letra)
  67. If I Was President (Letra)
  68. Imagino(feat. ReFugee All-Stars) (Letra)
  69. In The Zone(feat. Ivy Queen) (Letra)
  70. Industry (Letra)
  71. Instant Request (Letra)
  72. It Doesn't Matter (Letra)
  73. It Don't Make Any Difference (Feat. Kevin Michael) (Letra)
  74. Jaspora (Letra)
  75. Kenny Rogers – Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate(feat. Kenny Rogers, Pharoahe Monch) (Letra)
  76. Killer M.C. (Interlude) (Letra)
  77. King & Queen (feat. Shakira) (Letra)
  78. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Letra)
  79. Linda (Letra)
  80. Low Income (Letra)
  81. Masquerade (Letra)
  82. Men In Blue (No Airplay) (Letra)
  83. Million Voices (Letra)
  84. Mona Lisa(feat. Neville Brothers) (Letra)
  85. MVP Kompa (Letra)
  86. New Day (Letra)
  87. New Day (Pop Radio Edit)(feat. Bono (U2)) (Letra)
  88. Next Generation (Letra)
  89. No Airplay(feat. Canibus, Manhunt) (Letra)
  90. Oh What A Night (Letra)
  91. One Nigte Stand (Letra)
  92. Pablo Diablo (Interlude) (Letra)
  93. Party By The Sea (Letra)
  94. Party Like I Party (Letra)
  95. Party To Damascus (Letra)
  96. Peace God (Letra)
  97. Perfect Gentleman (Letra)
  98. Perfect Gentlemen (Letra)
  99. Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate (Letra)
  100. Pj's (Letra)
  101. Pullin Me In (Letra)
  102. Pussycat (Letra)
  103. Rap Song (Letra)
  104. Real City (Letra)
  105. Rebel Music (Letra)
  106. Red Light District (Letra)
  107. Riot (Letra)
  108. Rivers Of Babylon (Letra)
  109. Rumble In The Jungle(feat. Busta Rhymes, John Forte, Lauryn Hill) (Letra)
  110. Runaway(feat. Earth, Wind & Fire, The Product G&B) (Letra)
  111. Sang Fezi(feat. Lauryn Hill) (Letra)
  112. Senorita (Letra)
  113. Será, será (Letra)
  114. Slow Down( ft T.I) (Letra)
  115. Someone please call 911 (Letra)
  116. Something About Mary (Letra)
  117. Spy (Letra)
  118. Started From The Bottom Interlude (Letra)
  119. Street Jeopardy(feat. Jean Forte, R.O.C.) (Letra)
  120. Stuntin (Letra)
  121. Suavemente Feat. Angie Martinez (Letra)
  122. Suicide Love (feat. Eve) (Letra)
  123. Sweetest Girl (Letra)
  124. Take Me As I Am (Letra)
  125. The Buzz (Letra)
  126. The Eulogy (Letra)
  127. The Go Go (Letra)
  128. The Mix Show (Letra)
  129. The PJ's (Letra)
  130. The Pullover – The PoPo (Letra)
  131. The Shrine (Letra)
  132. The Smack Movement Continues (Letra)
  133. The Streets Are Like A Jungle (Letra)
  134. The Streets Pronounce Me Dead (Letra)
  135. Three Nights in Rio (Letra)
  136. Thug Angels (Letra)
  137. Thug Like Me (Letra)
  138. To All The Girls (Letra)
  139. To Zion (Letra)
  140. Trap N Roll (Letra)
  141. Trouble Again (Riot) (Letra)
  142. Tryin' To Stay Alive (Letra)
  143. Two Wrongs (Feat. Claudette Ortiz) (Letra)
  144. Two Wrongs (Letra)
  145. War No More (Letra)
  146. Warrior's Anthem (Letra)
  147. We Made It (Letra)
  148. Welcome To The East (feat. Sizzla) (Letra)
  149. What a Night (Letra)
  150. What About The Baby (Letra)
  151. What's Clef(feat. Queen Pen, The Product, & Naomi Campbell) (Letra)
  152. Where Fugees At? (Letra)
  153. Whitney Houston Dub Plate(feat. Whitney Houston) (Letra)
  154. Who Gave The Order (Letra)
  155. Wish You Were Here (Letra)
  156. Words Of Wisdom (Interlude) (Letra)
  157. Wyclef Jean – Perfect Gentleman (Letra)
  158. Yacht Club (Letra)
  159. Year Of The Dragon(feat. Lauryn Hill) (Letra)
  160. Yele (Letra)
  161. You Don't Wanna Go Outside (Letra)
  162. You Say Keep It Gangsta(feat. Butch Cassidy, Big Jack, Sharissa) (Letra)
  163. Your Love (L.o.v.e. Reggae Mix) feat. Eve (Letra)