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Easy Easy (Letra)

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Easy Easy (Letra) - Willow Smith

Where are they gonna go without me?
The same old car, same old street
Babe, they gonna think on me
And easy come and easy go
Ooh yeah I’m sure I told you so
All this you want just for your doll
Man I’m sure I told you so, I told you so

And with your dead, dead job that banding away your life
The problem and the strife
And now you spend your evenings searching for another life
And I think man, I think you got them in your side

Well easy, easy, there’s need to take that tone
Just don’t need that , call me
Ooh no I shoulda keep my receive
Cuz it’s so much I ball boy and it’s been all on a week
And Lord had to ? out my name
When positive seems hard to reach
I keep my head down in my ?
Cuz if you going through hell you just keep going,
You keep going, keep going
You’re easy

Easy Easy (Letra) - Willow Smith