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Van Morrison - Letras de Musicas

  1. Youth Of 1,000 Summers (Letra)
  2. Have I Told You Lately (Tradução)
  3. My Little Baby (Tradução)
  4. Someone Like You (Tradução)
  5. That's life (Letra)
  6. Take Me Back (Letra)
  7. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Tradução)
  8. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Tradução)
  9. (It Won't Hurt) Half As Much (Letra)
  10. Not Working For You (Letra)
  11. Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss) (Tradução)
  12. Song Of Being a Child (Tradução)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Letra)
  2. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Tradução)
  3. (It Won't Hurt) Half As Much (Letra)
  4. (It Won't Hurt) Half As Much (Tradução)
  5. (Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball (Letra)
  6. (Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball (Tradução)
  7. A New Kind Of Man (Letra)
  8. A New Kind Of Man (Tradução)
  9. A Sense Of Wonder (Letra)
  10. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues (Letra)
  11. A Town Called Paradise (Letra)
  12. Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell (Letra)
  13. Ain't Nothin' You Can Do (Letra)
  14. Ain't That Loving You Baby? (Letra)
  15. Alabamy Bound (Letra)
  16. Alabamy Bound (Tradução)
  17. Alan Watts Blues (Letra)
  18. All For Myself (Letra)
  19. All Saints Day (Letra)
  20. All The Bits (Letra)
  21. All Work And No Play (Letra)
  22. Almost Independence Day (Letra)
  23. Ancient Highway (Letra)
  24. Ancient Highway (Tradução)
  25. Ancient Of Days (Letra)
  26. Ancient Of Days (Tradução)
  27. And It Stoned Me (Letra)
  28. And The Healing Has Begun (Letra)
  29. Angeliou (Letra)
  30. Aryan Mist (Letra)
  31. Astral Weeks (Letra)
  32. Astral Weeks (Tradução)
  33. At The End Of The Day (Letra)
  34. Autumn Song (Letra)
  35. Avalon Of The Heart (Letra)
  36. Baby please don´t go (Letra)
  37. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Letra)
  38. Baby You Got What It Takes (Letra)
  39. Back O' Town Blues (Letra)
  40. Back On The Corner (Letra)
  41. Back On The Corner (Tradução)
  42. Back On Top (Letra)
  43. Back On Top (Tradução)
  44. Back Street Affair (Letra)
  45. Back Street Affair (Tradução)
  46. Bad Or Good (Letra)
  47. Ball & Chain (Letra)
  48. Ballerina (Letra)
  49. Bayou Girl (Letra)
  50. Be Thou My Vision (Letra)
  51. Beautiful Obsession (Letra)
  52. Beautiful Vision (Letra)
  53. Before The World Was Made (Letra)
  54. Behind The Ritual (Letra)
  55. Benediction (Letra)
  56. Beside You (Letra)
  57. Big Blue Diamonds (Letra)
  58. Bigtime Operators (Letra)
  59. Bit By Bit (Letra)
  60. Blow In Your Nose (Letra)
  61. Blue Money (Letra)
  62. Blues In The Night (Letra)
  63. Boogie Chillen (Letra)
  64. Born To Sing (Letra)
  65. Born To Sing (Tradução)
  66. Brand New Day (Letra)
  67. Bright Lights Big City (Letra)
  68. Bright Side Of The Road (Letra)
  69. Bright Side Of The Road (Tradução)
  70. Bring 'Em On In (Letra)
  71. Bring It On Home To Me (Letra)
  72. Brown Eyed Girl (Letra)
  73. Brown Eyed Girl (Tradução)
  74. Bulbs (Letra)
  75. Burning Ground (Letra)
  76. By His Grace (Letra)
  77. Cadillac (Letra)
  78. Caledonia Soul Music (Letra)
  79. Call Me Up In Dreamland (Letra)
  80. Call My Name (Letra)
  81. Caravan (Letra)
  82. Carrickfergus (Letra)
  83. Carry On Regardless (Letra)
  84. Carry On Regardless (Tradução)
  85. Carrying A Torch (Letra)
  86. Celtic New Year (Letra)
  87. Celtic New Year (Tradução)
  88. Celtic Ray (Letra)
  89. Celtic Spring (Letra)
  90. Centrepiece (feat. Georgie Fame) (Letra)
  91. Checkin' It Out (Letra)
  92. Chick-A-Boom (Letra)
  93. Chickee Coo (Letra)
  94. Choppin' Wood (Letra)
  95. City Home (Letra)
  96. Cleaning Windows (Letra)
  97. Close Enough For Jazz (Letra)
  98. Close Enough For Jazz (Tradução)
  99. Cold Wind In August (Letra)
  100. Come Here My Love (Letra)
  101. Come Running (Letra)
  102. Comfort You (Letra)
  103. Coney Island (Letra)
  104. Contacting My Angel (Letra)
  105. Contemplation Rose (Letra)
  106. Could You, Would You (Letra)
  107. Country Fair (Letra)
  108. Crazy Arms (Letra)
  109. Crazy Face (Letra)
  110. Crazy Jane On God (Letra)
  111. Crazy Love (Letra)
  112. Crazy Love (Tradução)
  113. Cry For Home (Letra)
  114. Cul De Sac (Letra)
  115. Cyprus Avenue (Letra)
  116. Dancing In The Moonlight (Letra)
  117. Dancing In The Moonlight (Tradução)
  118. Daring Night (Letra)
  119. Days Like This (Letra)
  120. Days Like This (Tradução)
  121. Dead Or Alive (Letra)
  122. Did Ye Get Healed (Letra)
  123. Do It (Letra)
  124. Domino (Letra)
  125. Don't Change On Me (Letra)
  126. Don't Go To Nightclubs Anymore (Letra)
  127. Don't Start Crying Now (Letra)
  128. Don't Worry About Tomorrow (Letra)
  129. Don't Worry About Tomorrow (Tradução)
  130. Don't You Know (Letra)
  131. Don't You Make Me High (Letra)
  132. Don't You Rock Me Daddio (Letra)
  133. Down The Road (Letra)
  134. Down To Earth (Letra)
  135. Drumshanbo Hustle (Letra)
  136. Dum Dum George (Letra)
  137. Dweller On The Threshold (Letra)
  138. Early In The Morning (Letra)
  139. Educating Archie (Letra)
  140. Educating Archie (Tradução)
  141. End of The Land (Letra)
  142. End Of The Rainbow (Letra)
  143. End Of The Rainbow (Tradução)
  144. Enlightenment (Letra)
  145. Evening In June (Letra)
  146. Evening Shadows (Letra)
  147. Everyone (Letra)
  148. Everyone (Tradução)
  149. Fair Play (Letra)
  150. Fame (Letra)
  151. Fast Train (Letra)
  152. Feedback Out On Highway 101 (Letra)
  153. Fire In The Belly (Letra)
  154. Flamingos Fly (Letra)
  155. Foggy Mountain Top (Letra)
  156. For Mr. Thomas (Letra)
  157. Foreign Window (Letra)
  158. Frankie & Johnny (Letra)
  159. Freaky If You Got This Far (Letra)
  160. Full Force Gale (Letra)
  161. Georgia On My Mind (Letra)
  162. Get On With The Show (Letra)
  163. Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss) (Letra)
  164. Give Me A Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss) (Tradução)
  165. Give Me My Rapture (Letra)
  166. Glad Tidings (Letra)
  167. Gloria (Letra)
  168. Go For Yourself (Letra)
  169. Go On Home Baby (Letra)
  170. Going Down To Monte Carlo (Letra)
  171. Going Down To Monte Carlo (Tradução)
  172. Going Home (feat. Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber (Letra)
  173. Golden Autumn Day (Letra)
  174. Goldfish Bowl (Letra)
  175. Good Morning Blues (Letra)
  176. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Letra)
  177. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Letra)
  178. Goodbye George (Letra)
  179. Goodnight Irene (Letra)
  180. Got To Go Back (Letra)
  181. Green Mansions (Letra)
  182. Gypsy (Letra)
  183. Gypsy In My Soul (Letra)
  184. Gypsy In My Soul (Tradução)
  185. Gypsy Queen (Letra)
  186. Hang On Groovy (Letra)
  187. Hard Nose The Highway (Letra)
  188. Haunts Of Ancient Peace (Letra)
  189. Have I Told You Lately (Letra)
  190. Have I Told You Lately (Tradução)
  191. Heathrow Shuffle (Letra)
  192. Heavy Connection (Letra)
  193. Hello Josephine (Letra)
  194. Help Me (Letra)
  195. Here Comes Dumb George (Letra)
  196. Here Comes The Knight (Letra)
  197. Hey (Letra)
  198. Hey (Tradução)
  199. Hey Girl (Letra)
  200. Hey Mr. DJ (Letra)
  201. High Summer (Letra)
  202. Higher Than The World (Letra)
  203. Hold On George (Letra)
  204. How Can a Poor Boy? (Letra)
  205. How Long Baby (Letra)
  206. How Long Has This Been Going On? (feat. Georgie Fame) (Letra)
  207. Hungry For Your Love (Letra)
  208. Hymns To the Silence (Letra)
  209. Hymns To the Silence (Tradução)
  210. I Believe To My Soul (Letra)
  211. I Can Only Give You Everything (Letra)
  212. I Forgot That Love Existed (Letra)
  213. I Forgot That Love Existed (Tradução)
  214. I Gave My Love a Diamond (Letra)
  215. I Gave My Love a Diamond (Tradução)
  216. I Got A Woman (Letra)
  217. I Have Finally Come To Realize (Letra)
  218. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Letra)
  219. I Like It Like That (Letra)
  220. I Love You (The Smile You Smile) (Letra)
  221. I Need Your Kind Of Loving (Letra)
  222. I Paid The Price (Letra)
  223. I Put A Spell On You (Letra)
  224. I Put A Spell On You (Tradução)
  225. I Shall Sing (Letra)
  226. I Wanna Go Home (Letra)
  227. I Wanna Go Home (Tradução)
  228. I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative) (Letra)
  229. I Will Be There (Letra)
  230. I'll Be Your Lover, Too (Letra)
  231. I'll Be Your Lover, Too (Tradução)
  232. I'll Never Be Free (Letra)
  233. I'm Confessin (Letra)
  234. I'm Confessin (Tradução)
  235. If I Ever Needed Someone (Letra)
  236. If In Money We Trust (Letra)
  237. If In Money We Trust (Tradução)
  238. If You And I Could Be As Two (Letra)
  239. If You And I Could Be As Two (Tradução)
  240. If You Live (Letra)
  241. If You Live (Tradução)
  242. If You Love Me (Letra)
  243. If You Only Knew (Letra)
  244. In The Afternoon (Letra)
  245. In The Forest (Letra)
  246. In The Garden (Letra)
  247. In The Garden (Tradução)
  248. In The Midnight (Letra)
  249. Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart No. 2 (Letra)
  250. Into The Mystic (Letra)
  251. Into The Mystic (Tradução)
  252. Irish Heartbeat (Letra)
  253. It Fills You Up (Letra)
  254. It Hurts To Want It So Bad (Letra)
  255. It Must Be You (Letra)
  256. It Once Was My Life (Letra)
  257. It Stoned Me (Letra)
  258. It Takes A Worried Man (Letra)
  259. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (Letra)
  260. Ivory Tower (Letra)
  261. Jackie Wilson Said (Letra)
  262. Jackie Wilson Said (Tradução)
  263. Jambalaya (Letra)
  264. Joe Harper Saturday Morning (Letra)
  265. John Henry (Letra)
  266. Joyous Sound (Letra)
  267. Jump And Thump (Letra)
  268. Just A Little Bit (Letra)
  269. Just Ball (Letra)
  270. Just Like Greta (Letra)
  271. Just Like Greta (Tradução)
  272. Keep It Simple (Letra)
  273. Keep Mediocrity At Bay (Letra)
  274. Keep Mediocrity At Bay (Tradução)
  275. Kingdom Hall (Letra)
  276. La Mambo (Letra)
  277. Laughing In The Wind (Letra)
  278. Lifetimes (Letra)
  279. Linden Arden Stole The Highlights (Letra)
  280. Linden Arden Stole The Highlights (Tradução)
  281. Listen To The Lion (Letra)
  282. Little Girl (Alternate Version) (Letra)
  283. Little Girl (Letra)
  284. Little Village (Letra)
  285. Lonely and Blue (Letra)
  286. Lonely and Blue (Tradução)
  287. Lonely Avenue (Letra)
  288. Look Here (Letra)
  289. Look What The Good People Done (Letra)
  290. Lorna (Letra)
  291. Lost John (Letra)
  292. Lover Come Back (Letra)
  293. Lover's Prayer (Letra)
  294. Lover's Prayer (Tradução)
  295. Madame George (Letra)
  296. Madame Joy (Letra)
  297. Madame Joy (Tradução)
  298. Magic Time (Letra)
  299. Man Has To Struggle (Letra)
  300. Meaning Of Loneliness (Letra)
  301. Mechanical Bliss (Letra)
  302. Meet Me In The Indian Summer (Letra)
  303. Melancholia (Letra)
  304. Memories (Letra)
  305. Midnight Special (Letra)
  306. Midnight Special (Tradução)
  307. Mighty Like A Rose (Letra)
  308. Moondance (Letra)
  309. Moondance (Tradução)
  310. Moonshine Whiskey (Letra)
  311. More and More (Letra)
  312. My Buckets Got A Hole In It (Letra)
  313. My Lagan Love (Letra)
  314. My Little Baby (Letra)
  315. My Little Baby (Tradução)
  316. My Lonely Sad Eyes (Letra)
  317. Mystic Eyes (Letra)
  318. Mystic Of The East (Letra)
  319. Mystic Of The East (Tradução)
  320. Naked In The Jungle (Letra)
  321. Natalia (Letra)
  322. New Biography (Letra)
  323. New Burying Ground (Letra)
  324. News Nightclub (Letra)
  325. No Religion (Letra)
  326. No Thing (Letra)
  327. No Way Pedro (Letra)
  328. Nobody Really Knows (Letra)
  329. Northern Muse (Solid Ground (Letra)
  330. Nose In Your Blow (Letra)
  331. Not Supposed To Break Down (Letra)
  332. Not Working For You (Letra)
  333. Oh The Warm Feeling (Letra)
  334. Old Black Joe (Letra)
  335. Old Old Woodstock (Letra)
  336. On Hyndford Street (Letra)
  337. Once A Day (Letra)
  338. Once In A Blue Moon (Letra)
  339. One Irish Rover (Letra)
  340. One More Time (Alternate Stereo Mix) (Letra)
  341. One More Time (Letra)
  342. One Of These Days (Letra)
  343. One Two Brown Eyes (Letra)
  344. Only A Dream (Letra)
  345. Open The Door (To Your Heart) (Letra)
  346. Open The Door (To Your Heart) (Tradução)
  347. Orangefield (Letra)
  348. Ordinary Life (Letra)
  349. Ordinary People (Letra)
  350. Out Of Sight (Letra)
  351. Outskirts Of Town (Letra)
  352. Pagan Streams (Letra)
  353. Pay The Devil (Letra)
  354. Pay The Devil (Tradução)
  355. Perfect Fit (Letra)
  356. Perfect Moment (Letra)
  357. Philosophers Stone (Letra)
  358. Philosophy (Letra)
  359. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Letra)
  360. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Tradução)
  361. Playhouse (Letra)
  362. Precious Time (Letra)
  363. Professional Jealousy (Letra)
  364. Purple Heather (Letra)
  365. Quality Street (Letra)
  366. Queen Of The Slipstream (Letra)
  367. Raglan Road (Letra)
  368. Railroad Bill (Letra)
  369. Raincheck (Letra)
  370. Rave On, John Donne (Letra)
  371. Real Gone Lover (Letra)
  372. Real Real Gone (Letra)
  373. Really Don't Know (Letra)
  374. Really Don't Know (Tradução)
  375. Redwood Tree (Letra)
  376. Reminds Me Of You (Letra)
  377. Retreat And View (Letra)
  378. Retreat And View (Tradução)
  379. Richard Cory (Alternate Version) (Letra)
  380. Richard Cory (Letra)
  381. Ring Worm (Letra)
  382. River Of Time (Letra)
  383. Ro Ro Rosey (Letra)
  384. Rolling Hills (Letra)
  385. Rough God Goes Riding (Letra)
  386. Russian Roulette (Letra)
  387. Saint James Infirmary (Letra)
  388. Santa Fe (Letra)
  389. Satisfied (Letra)
  390. Savoy Hollywood (Letra)
  391. School Of Hard Knocks (Letra)
  392. Scream And Holler (Letra)
  393. See Me Through (Letra)
  394. Showbusiness (Letra)
  395. Showbusiness (Tradução)
  396. Slim Slow Slider (Letra)
  397. Slim Slow Slider (Tradução)
  398. Snow in San Anselmo (Letra)
  399. Someone Like You (Letra)
  400. Someone Like You (Tradução)
  401. Somerset (Letra)
  402. Somerset (Tradução)
  403. Song Of Being a Child (Letra)
  404. Song Of Being a Child (Tradução)
  405. Song of Home (Letra)
  406. Soul (Letra)
  407. Spanish Rose (Letra)
  408. Star of the County Down (Letra)
  409. Steal my heart away (Letra)
  410. Stepping Out Queen (part 2) (Letra)
  411. Stepping Out Queen (part 2) (Tradução)
  412. Stop Drinking (Letra)
  413. Stop Drinking (Tradução)
  414. Stranded (Letra)
  415. Stranded (Tradução)
  416. Street Theory (Letra)
  417. Street Theory (Tradução)
  418. Streets Of Arklow (Letra)
  419. Streets Of Arklow (Tradução)
  420. Sweet Thing (Letra)
  421. Sweet Thing (Tradução)
  422. T.B. Sheets (Letra)
  423. Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta (My Match It Is Made) (Letra)
  424. Take It Where You Find It (Letra)
  425. Take Me Back (Letra)
  426. Take Your Hands Out Of My Pocket (Letra)
  427. Talk Is Cheap (Letra)
  428. Tell Me (Letra)
  429. Tell Me Something (Letra)
  430. Tell Me What You Want (Letra)
  431. Thanks For The Information (Letra)
  432. That's Entrainment (Letra)
  433. That's life (Letra)
  434. The Back Room (Letra)
  435. The Ballad Of Jesse James (Letra)
  436. The Beauty Of The Days Gone By (Letra)
  437. The Big Royalty Check (Letra)
  438. The Dead Girls Of London (Letra)
  439. The Eternal Kansas City (Letra)
  440. The Great Deception (Letra)
  441. The Healing Game (Letra)
  442. The Last Laugh (Letra)
  443. The Lion This Time (Letra)
  444. The Lion This Time (Tradução)
  445. The Lonesome Road (Letra)
  446. The Master's Eyes (Letra)
  447. The Mystery (Letra)
  448. The New Symphony Sid (Letra)
  449. The Smile You Smile (Letra)
  450. The Smile You Smile (Tradução)
  451. The Story of Them (Letra)
  452. The Street Only Knew Your Name (Letra)
  453. The Street Only Knew Your Name (Tradução)
  454. The Way Young Lovers Do (Letra)
  455. The Wobble (Letra)
  456. There Stands The Glass (Letra)
  457. There There Child (Letra)
  458. These Are The Days (Letra)
  459. These Dreams Of You (Letra)
  460. They sold me out (Letra)
  461. Things Have Gone To Pieces (Letra)
  462. Think Twice Before You Go (Letra)
  463. Thirty Two (Letra)
  464. This Has Got To Stop (Letra)
  465. This Love of Mine (Letra)
  466. This Weight (Letra)
  467. Till I Gain Control Again (Letra)
  468. Till We Get The Healing Done (Letra)
  469. Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough (Letra)
  470. Tir Na Nog (Letra)
  471. Too Long In Exile (Letra)
  472. Too Many Myths (Letra)
  473. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby) (Letra)
  474. Tore Down A La Rimbaud (Letra)
  475. Troubadours (Letra)
  476. Try For Sleep (Letra)
  477. Tupelo Honey (Letra)
  478. Tupelo Honey (Tradução)
  479. Turn On Your Lovelight (Letra)
  480. Twilight Zone (Letra)
  481. Twist And Shake (Letra)
  482. Underlying Depression (Letra)
  483. Up Your Mind (Letra)
  484. Vanlose Stairway (Letra)
  485. Venice U.S.A. (Letra)
  486. Village Idiot (Letra)
  487. Virgo Clowns (Letra)
  488. Waiting Game (Letra)
  489. Walk And Talk (Letra)
  490. Want A Danish (Letra)
  491. Warm Love (Letra)
  492. Was (Letra)
  493. Wasted Years (Letra)
  494. Wavelength (Letra)
  495. Western Plain (Letra)
  496. What Am I Living For (Letra)
  497. What Makes The Irish Heart Beat (Letra)
  498. What Would I Do (Letra)
  499. What's Wrong With This Picture (Letra)
  500. Whatever Happened To PJ Proby? (Letra)
  501. When Heart Is Open (Letra)
  502. When That Evening Sun Goes Down (Letra)
  503. When The Leaves Come Falling Down (Letra)
  504. When Will I Ever Learn to Live In God? (Letra)
  505. When Will I Ever Learn to Live In God? (Tradução)
  506. Whenever God Shines His Light (With Sir Cliff Richard) (Letra)
  507. Whinin Boy Moan (Letra)
  508. Who Can I Turn To? (Letra)
  509. Who Drove The Red Sports Car? (Letra)
  510. Who Was That Masked Man (Letra)
  511. Why Don't You Love Me (Letra)
  512. Why Must I Always Explain? (Letra)
  513. Wild Children (Letra)
  514. Wild Honey (Letra)
  515. Wild Night (Letra)
  516. Wild Night (Tradução)
  517. Wobble And Ball (Letra)
  518. Wonderful Remark (Letra)
  519. You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part) (Letra)
  520. You Don't Pull No Punches But You Don't Push The River (Letra)
  521. You Gotta Make It Through The World (Letra)
  522. You Just Can't Win (Letra)
  523. You Know What They're Writing About (Letra)
  524. You Make Me Feel So Free (Letra)
  525. You Move Me (Letra)
  526. You Really Got Me (Letra)
  527. You Say France And I'll Whistle (Letra)
  528. You Win Again (Letra)
  529. You're My Woman (Letra)
  530. Your Cheatin' Heart (Letra)
  531. Your Mind Is On Vacation (Letra)
  532. Youth Of 1,000 Summers (Letra)