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Twin Atlantic - Letras de Musicas

  1. Human After All (Letra)
  2. Heart And Soul (Letra)
  3. Make a Beast Of Myself (Letra)
  4. Eight Days (Letra)
  5. Audience And Audio (Letra)
  6. Yes, I Was Drunk (Letra)
  7. Crash Land (Letra)
  8. Rest In Pieces (Letra)
  9. I am an Animal (Letra)
  10. I Cave In (Letra)
  11. Brothers And Sisters (Letra)
  12. Apocalyptic Renegade (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. A Guidance From Colour (Letra)
  2. Actions That Echo (Letra)
  3. Apocalyptic Renegade (Letra)
  4. Audience And Audio (Letra)
  5. Be A Kid (Letra)
  6. Better Weather (Letra)
  7. Brothers And Sisters (Letra)
  8. Caribbean War Syndrome (Letra)
  9. Cell Mate (Letra)
  10. Crash Land (Letra)
  11. Dreamember (Letra)
  12. Edit Me (Letra)
  13. Eight Days (Letra)
  14. Fall Into The Party (Letra)
  15. Free (Letra)
  16. Globalisolation (Letra)
  17. Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator (Letra)
  18. Heart And Soul (Letra)
  19. Hold On (Letra)
  20. Human After All (Letra)
  21. I am an Animal (Letra)
  22. I Cave In (Letra)
  23. It’s Not Dead (Letra)
  24. Lightspeed (Letra)
  25. Make a Beast Of Myself (Letra)
  26. No Sleep (Letra)
  27. Oceans (Letra)
  28. Old Grey Face (And The Way Of The Magenta) (Letra)
  29. Raise A Symphony (Letra)
  30. Rest In Pieces (Letra)
  31. Sparkly Touch (Letra)
  32. The Ghost Of Eddie (Letra)
  33. The Ones That I Love (Letra)
  34. Time For You To Stand Up (Letra)
  35. Time Is The Enemy (Letra)
  36. We Want Better, Man (Letra)
  37. What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? (Letra)
  38. Why Won’t We Change? (Letra)
  39. Wonder Sleeps Here (Letra)
  40. Yes, I Was Drunk (Letra)
  41. You’re Turning Into John Wayne (Letra)