Foreign (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber) (Letra)

Trey Songz - Letras

Foreign (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber) (Letra) - Trey Songz

Let’s get going, are you foreign or complaining only moaning
Dominican, puerto rican, yeah, you know they do it for me
See me in a ferrari in my mind that thing is fun
If it had some wings, we’d be flying, we’d be soaring
Ah-ah-ah, when I’m in it I’ll be thinking I don’t want this thing to stop
No-o-o, but I’m thinking that you’re winning if you make it to the top
Fly, that probably means you make me feel some type of way
Shoutout miami for having so many foreign babes

She only been here for two weeks
(Came with the girls) came with the girls
And they tryna leave with me
(She workin’ hard) she workin’ hard like she tryna get a visa
(The way she twerk it) the way she twerk it
I just might pull out my Visa

After we leave girl, you know where you going
Straight to the ‘tel, you ain’t leaving ‘till the morning
Same old thing, yeah you know that shit’s boring (that shit’s boring)
American you know I had to cop that foreign (cop that foreign)
American you know I had to cop that foreign
(She got on a bad bikini, when we in the lamborghini)
American you know I had to cop that foreign
(She from another country, but I brought her to the city with me)
I know it’s never boring
American you know I had to cop that foreign
Uh huh

Just got back from africa, I swear
I saw about 50 thousand queens
(This is the remix) touched down in paris
Had her waiting, had her waiting for me
Like ou la la la, oh oui oui, c’est la vie
Off up on the islands, screams turn to silence
Fuck, drink, sleep
Hit it seven days ‘cause you know your man’s weak
Make that body talk, know to make that thing speak, such a freak

And she be like “ay que rico” when I’m going real deep though
You can give me all of them besos, just stay low, do what I say so
Fuck me now, oh damn, shawty go h.a.m, do with no hands
Got me so high, holland, amsterdam, iceland, china, tokyo, japan
Don’t understand what she speaks, but I break her body down, sheesh
Just like the beat, ay jb what’s the word out on the street?
No matter who she’s with, if she get a remix

Foreign (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber) (Letra) - Trey Songz