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Toni Braxton - Letras de Musicas

  1. Lookin' At Me (Letra)
  2. I Hope That You're Okay (Letra)
  3. S'posed To Be (Letra)
  4. Me And My Boyfriend (Letra)
  5. Man Enough (Letra)
  6. Sposed To Be (Letra)
  7. I Get So High (Letra)
  8. Hurt You (feat. Babyface) (Letra)
  9. Un-Break My Heart (Letra)
  10. Happily Unhappy (Letra)
  11. Gimme Something (Letra)
  12. Seven Whole Days (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. A Better Man (Letra)
  2. Always (Letra)
  3. And I Love You (Letra)
  4. Another Sad Love Song (Letra)
  5. Baby You Can Do It (Letra)
  6. Best Friend (Letra)
  7. Breathe Again (Letra)
  8. Candlelight (Letra)
  9. Candlelights (Letra)
  10. Caught (Don't Take Your Hat Off) Feat. Mo'Nique (Letra)
  11. Christmas In Jamaica (Letra)
  12. Christmas Time Is Here (Letra)
  13. Clockwork (Letra)
  14. Come On Over Here (Letra)
  15. Do You Remember When (Letra)
  16. Don't Call, Just Text (Letra)
  17. Don't Leave (Letra)
  18. Fairy Tale (Letra)
  19. Finally (Letra)
  20. Find Me A Man (Letra)
  21. Get Loose (Letra)
  22. Gimme Something (Letra)
  23. Give It Back (Letra)
  24. Give U My Heart (Letra)
  25. Hands Tied (Letra)
  26. Happily Unhappy (Letra)
  27. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Letra)
  28. He Wasn't Man Enough For Me (Letra)
  29. Heart Never Had A Hero (Letra)
  30. Hero (Letra)
  31. hit Free Way (Letra)
  32. Hit The Freeway (Letra)
  33. Holiday Celebrate (Letra)
  34. How Could An Angel Break My Heart (Letra)
  35. How Many Ways (Letra)
  36. Hurt You (feat. Babyface) (Letra)
  37. I Belong To You (Letra)
  38. I Don't Want To (Letra)
  39. I Don´t Want To (Letra)
  40. I Get So High (Letra)
  41. I Hate Love (Letra)
  42. I Hate You (Letra)
  43. I Heart You (Letra)
  44. I Hope That You're Okay (Letra)
  45. I Like It Like That (Letra)
  46. I Love Me Some Him (Letra)
  47. I Wanna Be (Your Baby) (Letra)
  48. I Wish (Letra)
  49. I'd Rather Be Broke (Letra)
  50. I'm Still Breathing (Letra)
  51. If I Have To Wait (Letra)
  52. In The Late Of Night (Letra)
  53. In The Morning (Letra)
  54. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Letra)
  55. It's You (Letra)
  56. Just Be A Man About It (Letra)
  57. Let It Flow (Letra)
  58. Let Me Show You The Way (Out) (Letra)
  59. Let's Do It (Letra)
  60. Lies, Lies, Lies (Letra)
  61. Like An Iceberg (Letra)
  62. Long Way Home (Letra)
  63. Lookin' At Me (Letra)
  64. Love Affair (Letra)
  65. Love Shoulda Brought You Home (Letra)
  66. Make My Heart (Letra)
  67. Man Enough (Letra)
  68. Maybe (Letra)
  69. Me And My Boyfriend (Letra)
  70. Melt (Like An Iceberg) (Letra)
  71. Midnite (Letra)
  72. Never Just For A Ring (Letra)
  73. No More Love (Letra)
  74. No Rompas Mi Corazon (Letra)
  75. No Way (Letra)
  76. Not A Chance (Letra)
  77. One (Letra)
  78. Part II (Letra)
  79. Places (Letra)
  80. Please (Letra)
  81. Pulse (Letra)
  82. Regresa A Mi (Letra)
  83. Respira Otra Vez (Breathe Again) (Letra)
  84. Reunited (Babyface & Toni Braxton) (Letra)
  85. Rewind (Letra)
  86. Rock Me, Roll Me (Letra)
  87. Roller Coaster (Babyface & Toni Braxton) (Letra)
  88. S'posed To Be (Letra)
  89. Santa Please… (Letra)
  90. Selfish (Letra)
  91. Seven Whole Days (Letra)
  92. Shadowless (Letra)
  93. Snowflakes Of Love (Letra)
  94. Spanish Guitar (Letra)
  95. Speaking In Tongues (Letra)
  96. Spending My Time With You (Letra)
  97. Sposed To Be (Letra)
  98. Stay (Letra)
  99. Stop, Look, Listen (to Your Heart) (Letra)
  100. Stupid (Letra)
  101. Suddenly (Letra)
  102. Sweat (Letra)
  103. Take It Back (Letra)
  104. Take This Ring (Letra)
  105. Talking In His Sleep (Letra)
  106. Tell Me (Letra)
  107. That Somebody Was You (Letra)
  108. The Art Of Love (Letra)
  109. The Break Up (Letra)
  110. The Christmas Song (Letra)
  111. The D Word (Letra)
  112. The Heat (Letra)
  113. The Little Things (Letra)
  114. The Time Of Our Lives (Letra)
  115. The Wave (Letra)
  116. There's No Me Without You (Letra)
  117. This Time Next Year (Letra)
  118. This Very Moment (Letra)
  119. Trippin' (That's The Way Love Works) (Letra)
  120. Un-Break My Heart (Letra)
  121. Unbreak My Heart (Letra)
  122. Unbreak My Heart (Letra)
  123. Wardrobe (Letra)
  124. What's Good (Letra)
  125. Whatchu Need (Letra)
  126. Where Did We Go Wrong? (feat. Babyface) (Letra)
  127. Why Should I Care (Letra)
  128. Why Won't You Love Me (Letra)
  129. Woman (Letra)
  130. Yesterday (feat Trey Songz) (Letra)
  131. Yesterday (feat. Trey Songz) (Letra)
  132. You Mean The World To Me (Letra)
  133. You're Makin Me High (Letra)
  134. You've Been Wrong (Letra)