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Tom Jones - Letras de Musicas

  1. If I Only Knew (Letra)
  2. It's Not Unusual (Letra)
  3. Hit Or Miss (Letra)
  4. Run On (Letra)
  5. She's A Lady (Letra)
  6. Bad Love (Letra)
  7. You Need Love Like I Do (Letra)
  8. Love Is In The Air (Letra)
  9. I'm Alive (Letra)
  10. A Girl Like You (Letra)
  11. 24 Hours (Letra)
  12. Bad As Me (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. 'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone (Letra)
  2. 16 Tons (Letra)
  3. 24 Hours (Letra)
  4. A Boy Fom Nowhere (Letra)
  5. A Field of Yellow Daisies (Letra)
  6. A Girl Like You (Letra)
  7. A Little You (Letra)
  8. A Minute of Your Time (Letra)
  9. A New Kind of Fire (Letra)
  10. A Taste of Honey (Letra)
  11. A Woman's Touch (Letra)
  12. After the Tears (Letra)
  13. Ain't No Grave (Letra)
  14. Ain't no Sunshine (When She's Gone) (Letra)
  15. Ain't That a Lot of Love (Letra)
  16. All Blues Hail Mary (Letra)
  17. All By Myself (Letra)
  18. All I Can Say Is (Letra)
  19. All I Ever Need Is You (Letra)
  20. All Mine (Letra)
  21. As Time Goes By (Letra)
  22. At This Moment (Letra)
  23. Autumn Leaves (Letra)
  24. Baby it's Cold Outside (Letra)
  25. Bad As Me (Letra)
  26. Bad Love (Letra)
  27. Ballad of Tom Jones (Letra)
  28. Bama Lama, Bama Loo (Letra)
  29. Behind Closed Doors (Letra)
  30. Black Betty (Letra)
  31. Born to Be Me (Letra)
  32. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Letra)
  33. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Letra)
  34. Bring It On Home (Letra)
  35. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (Letra)
  36. Burning Down The House (Letra)
  37. Burning Hell (Letra)
  38. Can't Stop Loving You (Letra)
  39. Charlie Darwin (Letra)
  40. Cupid (Letra)
  41. Darlin' (Letra)
  42. Daughter of Darkness (Letra)
  43. Delilah (Letra)
  44. Detroit City (Letra)
  45. Did Trouble Me (Letra)
  46. Didn't It Rain (Letra)
  47. Dimming of the day (Letra)
  48. Do That to Me One More Time (Letra)
  49. Don't Knock (Letra)
  50. Duck Dodgers in The 24th And One Half Century (Letra)
  51. Ebb Tide (Letra)
  52. Elvis Presley Blues (Letra)
  53. Everybody Loves a Train (Letra)
  54. Evil (Letra)
  55. Factory Girl (Letra)
  56. Feels Like Music (Letra)
  57. Female of the Species (Letra)
  58. Fever (Letra)
  59. Fly Me To The Moon (Letra)
  60. Funny How Time Slips Away (Letra)
  61. Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings (Letra)
  62. Ghost Riders in the Sky (Letra)
  63. Give A Little Love (Letra)
  64. Green, Green Grass Of Home (Letra)
  65. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Letra)
  66. He Was a Friend Of Mine (Letra)
  67. Help Yourself (Letra)
  68. Hit Or Miss (Letra)
  69. Holiday (Letra)
  70. Honey, honey (Letra)
  71. I (Who Have Nothing) (Letra)
  72. I Believe (Letra)
  73. I Couldn't Say Goodbye (Letra)
  74. I Wake Up Crying (Letra)
  75. I Wanna Get Back With You (Letra)
  76. I Want To Come Home (Letra)
  77. I Wish You Would (Letra)
  78. I Would Love To Change The World (Letra)
  79. I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Letra)
  80. I'm Alive (Letra)
  81. I'm Coming Home (Letra)
  82. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Letra)
  83. If He Should Ever Leave You (Letra)
  84. If I Only Knew (Letra)
  85. In Style And Rhythm (Letra)
  86. In the Midnight Hour (Letra)
  87. It's Just a Matter of Time (Letra)
  88. It's Not Unusual (Letra)
  89. Jezebel '12 (Letra)
  90. Kiss (Letra)
  91. Ladies Night (Letra)
  92. Lean On Me (Letra)
  93. Letter to Lucille (Letra)
  94. Lone Pilgrim (Letra)
  95. Looking Out Of My Window (Letra)
  96. Love And Blessings (Letra)
  97. Love Is In The Air (Letra)
  98. Love Me Tonight (Letra)
  99. Mama Told Me Not To Come (Letra)
  100. Memphis Tennessee (Letra)
  101. Middle Age Crazy (Letra)
  102. Move Closer (Letra)
  103. Mustang Sally (Letra)
  104. My Elusive Dreams (Letra)
  105. My Funny Valentine (Letra)
  106. My Prayer (Letra)
  107. My Way (Letra)
  108. Not Responsible (Letra)
  109. Once Upon a Time (Letra)
  110. Opportunity To Cry (Letra)
  111. Perfect World (Letra)
  112. Please Release Me (Letra)
  113. Puppet Man (Letra)
  114. Run On (Letra)
  115. Satisfaction (Letra)
  116. Say You Stay Until Tomorrow (Letra)
  117. Seen That Face (Letra)
  118. Sexbomb (Letra)
  119. Sexy Thing (Letra)
  120. She's A Lady (Letra)
  121. Sometimes We Cry (Letra)
  122. Soul Of A Man (Letra)
  123. Spanish Harlem (Letra)
  124. Starting Over (Letra)
  125. Stoned In Love (Letra)
  126. Strange Things Happening Everyday (Letra)
  127. Sugar Daddy (Letra)
  128. Take My Love (I Want To Give It) (Letra)
  129. The Anniversary Song (Letra)
  130. The Full Monty Medley (Letra)
  131. The Hitter (Letra)
  132. The Reason (Letra)
  133. The Road (Letra)
  134. The Rose (Letra)
  135. The Young New Mexican Puppeteer (Letra)
  136. This and That (Letra)
  137. Thunderball (Letra)
  138. Till (Letra)
  139. Tom Jones International (Letra)
  140. Tomorrow Night (Letra)
  141. Tower Of Song (Letra)
  142. Travelling Shoes (Letra)
  143. Try to Remember (Letra)
  144. Two Brothers (Letra)
  145. We Don't Talk Anymore (Letra)
  146. We Got Love (Letra)
  147. What Good Am I? (Letra)
  148. What You Been Missing (Letra)
  149. What's New Pussycat (Letra)
  150. Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To do (Letra)
  151. With These Hands (Letra)
  152. Without Love (There Is Nothing) (Letra)
  153. You Can Leave Your Hat On (Letra)
  154. You Need Love Like I Do (Letra)
  155. You've Got a Friend (Letra)
  156. Younger Days (Letra)