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The Supremes - Letras de Musicas

  1. I’m The Greatest Star (Letra)
  2. Hang On Sloopy (Tradução)
  3. Misery Makes Its Home In My Heart (Letra)
  4. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Tradução)
  5. Sincerely (Letra)
  6. A Lover’s Concerto (Tradução)
  7. Thoroughly ModernMillie/Second Hand Rose/Mame (Letra)
  8. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (Letra)
  9. The Young Folks (Letra)
  10. Back In My Arms Again (Tradução)
  11. Baby Love (Tradução)
  12. Blowin’ In The Wind (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (Ain’t That)Good News (Letra)
  2. (Don’t Break These) Chains Of Love (Letra)
  3. A Breath Taking Guy (Letra)
  4. A Change Is Gonna (Letra)
  5. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Letra)
  6. A Hard Day’s Night (Letra)
  7. A Little Breeze (Letra)
  8. A Lover’s Concerto (Letra)
  9. A Lover’s Concerto (Tradução)
  10. A Place In The Sun (Letra)
  11. A Taste Of Honey (Letra)
  12. A World Without Love (Letra)
  13. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Letra)
  14. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing (Letra)
  15. All I Know About You (Letra)
  16. Am I Asking Too Much (Letra)
  17. Any Girl In Love (Letra)
  18. Aquarius /Let The Sunshine (Letra)
  19. Are You Sure Love Is The Name Of This Game (Letra)
  20. Ask Any Girl (Letra)
  21. Automatically Yours (Letra)
  22. Baby Doll (Letra)
  23. Baby Don’t Go (Letra)
  24. Baby I Need Your Loving (Letra)
  25. Baby Love (Letra)
  26. Baby Love (Tradução)
  27. Back In My Arms Again (Letra)
  28. Back In My Arms Again (Tradução)
  29. Bad Weather (Letra)
  30. Bah, Bah, Bah (Letra)
  31. Beach Ball (Letra)
  32. Because (Letra)
  33. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Letra)
  34. Big Spender (Letra)
  35. Bits And Pieces (Letra)
  36. Blowin’ In The Wind (Letra)
  37. Blowin’ In The Wind (Tradução)
  38. Blue Moon (Letra)
  39. Born Of Mary (Letra)
  40. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Letra)
  41. Bring It On Home To Me (Letra)
  42. Buttered Popcorn (Letra)
  43. Buttered Popcorn (Tradução)
  44. Can I Get A Witness (Letra)
  45. Can’t Buy Me Love (Letra)
  46. Can’t Shake It Loose (Letra)
  47. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Letra)
  48. Can’t You See It’s Me (Letra)
  49. Chain Gang (Letra)
  50. Children’s Christmas Song (Letra)
  51. Come And Get These Memories (Letra)
  52. Come Into My Palace (Letra)
  53. Come On And See Me (Letra)
  54. Come On Boy (Letra)
  55. Come See About Me (Letra)
  56. Come See About Me (Tradução)
  57. Come Togheter (Letra)
  58. Comin’ Out (Letra)
  59. Cornet Man (Letra)
  60. Cupid (Letra)
  61. Dancing On The Ceiling (Letra)
  62. Didn’t We (Letra)
  63. Discover Me (Letra)
  64. Do You Love Me (Letra)
  65. Does Your Momma Know About Me (Letra)
  66. Don’t Let True Love Die (Letra)
  67. Don’t Rain On My Parade (Letra)
  68. Everybody’s Got The Right To Love (Letra)
  69. Everyday People (Letra)
  70. Everything’s Good About You (Letra)
  71. Falling in Love With Love (Letra)
  72. Fancy passes (Letra)
  73. Floy Joy (Letra)
  74. For Better or Worse (Letra)
  75. Funky Broadway (Letra)
  76. Funny Girl (Letra)
  77. Funny How Time Slips Away (Letra)
  78. Get Ready (Letra)
  79. Going Down For The Third Time (Letra)
  80. Hang On Sloopy (Letra)
  81. Hang On Sloopy (Tradução)
  82. Havin’ a Party (Letra)
  83. He Holds His Own (Letra)
  84. He Means The World To Me (Letra)
  85. He’s All I Got (Letra)
  86. He’s My Man (Letra)
  87. He’s My Sunny Boy (Letra)
  88. Heat Wave (Letra)
  89. Heaven Must Have Sent You (Letra)
  90. Heigh-Ho (Letra)
  91. Hey Western Union Man (Letra)
  92. High Energy (Letra)
  93. His Love Makes Me Beautiful (Letra)
  94. Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me) (Letra)
  95. Honey Boy (Letra)
  96. How Do You Do It (Letra)
  97. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone (Letra)
  98. I Can’t Help Myself (Letra)
  99. I Can’t Make It Alone (Letra)
  100. I Didn’t Know What Time It Was (Letra)
  101. I Guess I’ll Always Love You (Letra)
  102. I Guess I’ll Miss The Man (Letra)
  103. I Hear a Symphony (Letra)
  104. I Second That Emotion (Letra)
  105. I Want A Guy (Letra)
  106. I’ll Be Doggone (Letra)
  107. I’ll Set You Free (Letra)
  108. I’ll Try Something New (Letra)
  109. I’ll Turn To Stone (Letra)
  110. I’m a Woman (Letra)
  111. I’m Giving You Your Freedom (Letra)
  112. I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking (Letra)
  113. I’m Gonna Make It (Letra)
  114. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Letra)
  115. I’m in Love Again (Letra)
  116. I’m So Glad, I Got Somebody (Letra)
  117. I’m The Exception To the Rule (Letra)
  118. I’m The Greatest Star (Letra)
  119. I’ve Got No Strings (Letra)
  120. If a Girl Isn’t Pretty (Letra)
  121. If Columbus never sailed the sea (Letra)
  122. If I Ruled The World (Letra)
  123. In and Out of Love (Letra)
  124. In And Out Of My Life (Letra)
  125. It Makes No Difference Now (Letra)
  126. It Never Entered My Mind (Letra)
  127. It’s All Your Fault (Letra)
  128. It’s Alright With Me (Letra)
  129. It’s Going Al The Way (Letra)
  130. It’s The Same Old Song (Letra)
  131. It´s In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) (Letra)
  132. Johnny One Note (Letra)
  133. Joy to The World (Letra)
  134. Just A Little Misunderstanding (Letra)
  135. Keep an Eye (Letra)
  136. Lazy Bones (Letra)
  137. Let Me Go The Right Way (Letra)
  138. Let The Music Play (Letra)
  139. Let’s Get Away From It All (Letra)
  140. Little Bright Star (Letra)
  141. Little Girl Blue (Letra)
  142. Little Miss Loser (Letra)
  143. Love Child (Letra)
  144. Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone (Letra)
  145. Love Is In Our Hearts (Letra)
  146. Love Is Like AnItching In My Heart (Letra)
  147. Lover (Letra)
  148. Loving You Is Better Than Ever (Letra)
  149. Make Someone Happy (Letra)
  150. Manhattan (Letra)
  151. Michelle (Letra)
  152. Misery Makes Its Home In My Heart (Letra)
  153. More (Letra)
  154. Mother Dear (Letra)
  155. Mountain Greenery (Letra)
  156. Mr. Blues (Letra)
  157. Mr. Funny Valentine (Letra)
  158. My Christmas Tree (Letra)
  159. My Favorite Things (Letra)
  160. My Guy, My Girl (Letra)
  161. My Heart Stood Still (Letra)
  162. My Man (Letra)
  163. My Romance (Letra)
  164. My World Is Empty Without You (Letra)
  165. My World Is Empty Without You (Tradução)
  166. Nathan Jones (Letra)
  167. Never Again (Letra)
  168. No Matter What Sign You Are (Letra)
  169. Nothing But Heartaches (Letra)
  170. Nothing Can Change This Love (Letra)
  171. Ode To Billie Joe (Letra)
  172. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem (Letra)
  173. Only Sixteen (Letra)
  174. Ooowee Baby (Letra)
  175. Our Day Will Come (Letra)
  176. Penny Pincher (Letra)
  177. People (Letra)
  178. Play A Sad Song (Letra)
  179. Put On A Happy Face (Letra)
  180. Put Yourself In My Place (Letra)
  181. Queen Of The House (Letra)
  182. Reflections (Letra)
  183. Remove This Doubt (Letra)
  184. Respect (Letra)
  185. Rock-A-Bye Your BabyWith A Dixie Melody (Letra)
  186. Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer (Letra)
  187. Run, Run, Run (Letra)
  188. Sadie, Sadie (Letra)
  189. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Letra)
  190. Save Me A Star (Letra)
  191. Send Me No Flowers (Letra)
  192. Shadows Of Society (Letra)
  193. Shake (Letra)
  194. Shake Me, Wake Me (WhenIt’s Over) (Letra)
  195. Silent Night (Letra)
  196. Silver Bells (Letra)
  197. Sincerely (Letra)
  198. Sing A Simple Song (Letra)
  199. Sleep Walk (Letra)
  200. Sleep Walk (Tradução)
  201. Slow Down (Letra)
  202. Some Things You Never Get Used To (Letra)
  203. Someday My Prince Will Come (Letra)
  204. Someday We’ll Be Together (Letra)
  205. Someday We’ll Be Together (Tradução)
  206. Somewhere (Letra)
  207. Spring Is Here (Letra)
  208. Standing At The Crossroads Of Love (Letra)
  209. Stay In My Lonely Arms (Letra)
  210. Stoned Love (Letra)
  211. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Letra)
  212. Stop! In The Name Of Love (Tradução)
  213. Stormy (Letra)
  214. Stranger in Paradise (Letra)
  215. Stranger in Paradise (Tradução)
  216. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Letra)
  217. Sunset (Letra)
  218. Surfer Boy (Letra)
  219. Sweet Inspiration (Letra)
  220. Sweet Thing (Letra)
  221. Tcb (Letra)
  222. Tears In Vain (Letra)
  223. The Ballad Of Davy Crocket (Letra)
  224. The Beginning Of The End (Letra)
  225. The Blue Room (Letra)
  226. The Boy From Ipanema (Letra)
  227. The Christmas Song (Letra)
  228. The Composer (Letra)
  229. The Happening (Letra)
  230. The House Of The Rising Sun (Letra)
  231. The House Of The Rising Sun (Tradução)
  232. The Impossible Dream (Letra)
  233. The Lady Is A Tramp (Letra)
  234. The Land Of Make Believe (Letra)
  235. The Little Drummer Boy (Letra)
  236. The Music That Makes Me Dance (Letra)
  237. The Only Time I’m Happy (Letra)
  238. The Way You Do TheThings You Do (Letra)
  239. The Weight (Letra)
  240. The Young Folks (Letra)
  241. Then (Letra)
  242. There’s A Small Hotel (Letra)
  243. There’s No Stopping Us Now (Letra)
  244. These Boots Are MadeFor Walking (Letra)
  245. This Can’t Be Love (Letra)
  246. This Guy’s In Love With You (Letra)
  247. This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) (Letra)
  248. Thoroughly ModernMillie/Second Hand Rose/Mame (Letra)
  249. Those D.J. Shows (Letra)
  250. Thou Swell (Letra)
  251. Till Johnny Comes (Letra)
  252. Time Changes Things (Letra)
  253. Too Hurt Too Cry, Too Much In Love Too Say Goodbye (Letra)
  254. Too Much A Little Too Soon (Letra)
  255. Touch (Letra)
  256. Toyland (Letra)
  257. Treat Me Nice John Henry (Letra)
  258. Try It Baby (Letra)
  259. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Letra)
  260. Twinkle Twinkle Little Me (Letra)
  261. Unchained Melody (Letra)
  262. Up, Up And Away (Letra)
  263. Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (Letra)
  264. Wait Till You See Him (Letra)
  265. We Couldn’t Get Along Without You (Letra)
  266. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted (Letra)
  267. What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted (Tradução)
  268. What The World Needs Now Is Love (Letra)
  269. When It’s To The Top (Still I Won’t Stop Giving You Love) (Letra)
  270. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (Letra)
  271. When You Wish Upon A Star (Letra)
  272. Where Did Our Love Go (Letra)
  273. Where Did Our Love Go (Tradução)
  274. Where Or When (Letra)
  275. Whisper You Love Me Boy (Letra)
  276. Whistle While You Work (Letra)
  277. White Christmas (Letra)
  278. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) (Letra)
  279. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love (Letra)
  280. Who’s Lovin’ You (Letra)
  281. Why (Must We Fall In Love) (Letra)
  282. Will This Be The Day (Letra)
  283. With A Child’s Heart (Letra)
  284. With A Song In My Heart (Letra)
  285. Without A Song (Letra)
  286. Won’t Be Long Before Christmas (Letra)
  287. Wonderful World (Letra)
  288. Wonderful, Wonderful (Letra)
  289. Yesterday (Letra)
  290. You Ain’t Livin ‘till You’re Lovin (Letra)
  291. You Ain’t Livin ‘Till You’re Lovin’ (Letra)
  292. You Bring Back Memories (Letra)
  293. You Can’t Do That (Letra)
  294. You Can’t Hurry Love (Letra)
  295. You Can’t Hurry Love (Tradução)
  296. You Didn’t Care (Letra)
  297. You Gave Me Love (Letra)
  298. You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart (Letra)
  299. You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Letra)
  300. You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Tradução)
  301. You Need Me (Letra)
  302. You Send Me (Letra)
  303. You Took Advantage Of Me (Letra)
  304. You’re My Driving Wheel (Letra)
  305. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You (Letra)
  306. You’ve Been So Wonderful To Me (Letra)
  307. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (Letra)
  308. Your Heart Belongs To Me (Letra)
  309. Your Kiss Of Fire (Letra)
  310. Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love (Letra)