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The Last Shadow Puppets - Letras de Musicas

  1. Sweet Dreams, TN (Letra)
  2. Miracle Aligner (Letra)
  3. The Element of Surprise (Letra)
  4. Used to Be My Girl (Letra)
  5. The Bourne Identity (Letra)
  6. The Dream Synopsis (Letra)
  7. She Does the Woods (Letra)
  8. Dracula Teeth (Letra)
  9. Pattern (Letra)
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  1. Dracula Teeth (Letra)
  2. Miracle Aligner (Letra)
  3. Pattern (Letra)
  4. She Does the Woods (Letra)
  5. Sweet Dreams, TN (Letra)
  6. The Bourne Identity (Letra)
  7. The Dream Synopsis (Letra)
  8. The Element of Surprise (Letra)
  9. Used to Be My Girl (Letra)