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The Killers - Letras de Musicas

  1. Not True (Letra)
  2. Mr. Brightside (Letra)
  3. All These Things That I’ve Done (Letra)
  4. Joel, The Lump Of Coal (Letra)
  5. This River Is Wild (Letra)
  6. Romeo And Juliet (Letra)
  7. Human (Letra)
  8. Somebody Told Me (Letra)
  9. Battle Born (Letra)
  10. Read My Mind (Letra)
  11. When You Were Young (Letra)
  12. Don’t Shoot Me Santa (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. A Dustland Fairytale (Letra)
  2. A Great Big Sled (feat. Toni Halliday) (Letra)
  3. A Matter Of Time (Letra)
  4. A Spaceship Adventure (Letra)
  5. A White Demon Love Song (Letra)
  6. Adrenaline (Letra)
  7. All I Want (Letra)
  8. All The Pretty Faces (Letra)
  9. All These Things That I’ve Done (Letra)
  10. Andy You’re A Star (Letra)
  11. Bad Moon Rising (Letra)
  12. Battle Born (Letra)
  13. Be Still (Letra)
  14. Believe Me Natalie (Letra)
  15. Bling (Confession Of a King) (Letra)
  16. Bones (Letra)
  17. Boots (Letra)
  18. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Letra)
  19. Carry Me Home (Letra)
  20. Change Your Mind (Letra)
  21. Christmas In L.A. (Letra)
  22. Coming Out (Letra)
  23. Daddy’s Eyes (Letra)
  24. Deadlines And Commitments (Letra)
  25. Desperate (Letra)
  26. Dirt Sledding (feat. Ryan Pardey & Richard Dreyfuss) (Letra)
  27. Don’t Fence Me In (Letra)
  28. Don’t Look Back In Anger (Letra)
  29. Don’t Shoot Me Santa (Letra)
  30. Enterlude (Letra)
  31. Everything Will Be Alright (Letra)
  32. Exitlude (Letra)
  33. Flesh And Bone (Letra)
  34. For Reasons Unknown (Letra)
  35. Forget About What I Said (Letra)
  36. Four Winds (Letra)
  37. From Here On Out (Letra)
  38. Get Trashed (Letra)
  39. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Letra)
  40. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (Letra)
  41. Go All The Way (Letra)
  42. Goodnight, Travel Well (Letra)
  43. Heart Of a Girl (Letra)
  44. Here With Me (Letra)
  45. Hotel California (Letra)
  46. Human (Letra)
  47. I Can’t Stay (Letra)
  48. I Feel It In My Bones (Letra)
  49. In a Little While (Letra)
  50. Indie Rock ‘N’ Roll (Letra)
  51. Jenny Was a Friend Of Mine (Letra)
  52. Joel, The Lump Of Coal (Letra)
  53. Joseph, Better You Than Me (Letra)
  54. Joy Ride (Letra)
  55. Just Another Girl (Letra)
  56. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf (Letra)
  57. Losing Touch (Letra)
  58. Midnight Show (Letra)
  59. Miss Atomic Bomb (Letra)
  60. Move Away (Letra)
  61. Mr. Brightside (Letra)
  62. My List (Letra)
  63. Neon Tiger (Letra)
  64. Not True (Letra)
  65. Oh Yeah By The Way (Letra)
  66. On Top (Letra)
  67. Peace Of Mind (Letra)
  68. Prize Fighter (Letra)
  69. Read My Mind (Letra)
  70. Replaceable (Letra)
  71. Romeo And Juliet (Letra)
  72. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town (Letra)
  73. Runaways (Letra)
  74. Sam’s Town (Letra)
  75. Shadowplay (Letra)
  76. Shot At The Night (Letra)
  77. Show You How (Letra)
  78. Smile Like You Mean It (Letra)
  79. Soft Surrender (Letra)
  80. Somebody Told Me (Letra)
  81. Spaceman (Letra)
  82. Stereo Of Lies (Letra)
  83. Sweet Talk (Letra)
  84. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine (Letra)
  85. The Captain (Letra)
  86. The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball (Letra)
  87. The Rising Tide (Letra)
  88. The Way It Was (Letra)
  89. The World We Live In (Letra)
  90. This Is Your Life (Letra)
  91. This River Is Wild (Letra)
  92. Tidal Wave (Letra)
  93. Tranquilize (Letra)
  94. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) (Letra)
  95. Uncle Johnny (Letra)
  96. Under The Gun (Letra)
  97. Waiting For Love (Letra)
  98. Wembley Song (Letra)
  99. When You Were Young (Letra)
  100. Where Is She? (Letra)
  101. Where The White Boys Dance (Letra)
  102. Who Let You Go? (Letra)
  103. Why Do I Keep Counting? (Letra)
  104. Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself (Letra)
  105. ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! (Letra)