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Steve Perry - Letras de Musicas

  1. Oh Sherrie (Letra)
  2. Wheel In The Sky (Letra)
  3. It’s Only Love (Letra)
  4. Destiny (Letra)
  5. Missing You (Letra)
  6. Strung Out (Letra)
  7. If Only For The Moment Girl (Letra)
  8. I Stand Alone (Letra)
  9. If You Need Me Call Me (Letra)
  10. Once In A Lifetime Girl (Letra)
  11. Faithfully (Letra)
  12. You Better Wait (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. Against The Wall (Letra)
  2. Anyway (Letra)
  3. Can’t Stop (Letra)
  4. Captured By The Moment (Letra)
  5. Destiny (Letra)
  6. Dixie Highway (Letra)
  7. Don’t Stop Believing (Letra)
  8. Don’t Tell Me Why You’re Leaving (Letra)
  9. Donna Please (Letra)
  10. Faithfully (Letra)
  11. Foolish Heart (Letra)
  12. For The Love Of Strange Medicine (Letra)
  13. Forever Right Or Wrong (love’s Like a River) (Letra)
  14. Friends Of Mine (Letra)
  15. Go Away (Letra)
  16. Harmony (Letra)
  17. I Am (Letra)
  18. I Believe (Letra)
  19. I Stand Alone (Letra)
  20. I’ll Be Alright Without You (Letra)
  21. If Only For The Moment Girl (Letra)
  22. If You Need Me Call Me (Letra)
  23. It Won’t Be You (Letra)
  24. It’s Only Love (Letra)
  25. Listen To Your Heart (Letra)
  26. Lost Angels (Letra)
  27. Makes No Difference (Letra)
  28. Melody (Letra)
  29. Missing You (Letra)
  30. My My My (Letra)
  31. Oh Sherrie (Letra)
  32. Once In A Lifetime Girl (Letra)
  33. One More Time (Letra)
  34. Open Arms (Letra)
  35. Running Alone (Letra)
  36. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Letra)
  37. She’s Mine (Letra)
  38. Someday Soon (Letra)
  39. Somewhere There’s Hope (Letra)
  40. Stand Up (Before It’s Too Late) (Letra)
  41. Strung Out (Letra)
  42. Summer Of Love (Letra)
  43. Tuesday Heartache (Letra)
  44. What Was (Letra)
  45. Wheel In The Sky (Letra)
  46. When I think of you (Letra)
  47. When You’re In Love (Letra)
  48. You Better Wait (Letra)
  49. You Should Be Happy (Letra)
  50. Young Hearts Forever (Letra)