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RuPaul - Letras de Musicas

  1. Read U Wrote U (feat. Alaska, Detox, Katya & Roxxxy) (Letra)
  2. Peanut Butter (feat. Big Freedia) (Letra)
  3. Sissy That Walk (Letra)
  4. Adrenaline (feat. Myah Marie) (Letra)
  5. Sexy Drag Queen (Letra)
  6. Shade: The Rusical (Letra)
  7. Freaky Money (feat. Big Freedia) (Letra)
  8. Oh No She Better Don’t (feat. The Cast of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6) (Letra)
  9. Lick It Lollipop (feat. Lady Bunny) (Letra)
  10. Cover Girl (Letra)
  11. Jealous Of My Boogie (Letra)
  12. Geronimo (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (Here It Comes) Around Again (Letra)
  2. A Little Bit Of Love (Letra)
  3. Adrenaline (feat. Myah Marie) (Letra)
  4. Are You Man Enough? (Letra)
  5. Back To My Roots (Letra)
  6. Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne) (Letra)
  7. Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne) (Letra)
  8. Call Me Starrbooty (Letra)
  9. Can I Get an Amen (feat. Martha Wash) (Letra)
  10. Category Is… (feat. Vjuan Allure) (Letra)
  11. Cha Cha Bitch (feat. AB Soto) (Letra)
  12. Champion (Letra)
  13. Christma-Hannu-Kwanzaa-Ka (Ginger Minj) (Letra)
  14. Click Clack (Make Dat Money) (Letra)
  15. Color Me Love (feat. Rebecca Romijn & Markaholic) (Letra)
  16. Coming Out Of Hiding (Letra)
  17. Cover Girl (Letra)
  18. Dance With U (Letra)
  19. Destiny Is Mine (Letra)
  20. Devil Made Me Do It (Letra)
  21. Die Tomorrow (feat. Frankmusik) (Letra)
  22. Do The Right Thing (Letra)
  23. Drag U (Letra)
  24. Drop (Letra)
  25. Drop That Pimp (Letra)
  26. Fly Tonight (feat. Frankmusik) (Letra)
  27. Freaky Money (feat. Big Freedia) (Letra)
  28. Free To Be (Letra)
  29. Geronimo (Letra)
  30. Get Your Rebel On (Letra)
  31. Give It One More Try (Letra)
  32. Glamazon (Letra)
  33. Glamazonian Airways (Team Trixie) (Letra)
  34. Hard Candy Christmas (Letra)
  35. Hey Booty (Letra)
  36. Hollywood U.S.A. (Letra)
  37. House Of Love (Letra)
  38. I Blame You (feat. Ellis Miah) (Letra)
  39. I Bring The Beat (Letra)
  40. I Just Can’t Wait (‘Til Christmas) (Letra)
  41. I Need More (Letra)
  42. If I Dream (Letra)
  43. It’s Raining Men (Letra)
  44. Jealous Of My Boogie (Letra)
  45. Just a Little In & Out (Letra)
  46. Kinky/Freaky (Letra)
  47. LadyBoy (Letra)
  48. Legends (Letra)
  49. Let The Music Play (feat. Michelle Visage) (Letra)
  50. Let’s Turn The Night (Letra)
  51. LGBT (feat. Chi Chi Larue & Markaholic) (Letra)
  52. Lick It Lollipop (feat. Lady Bunny) (Letra)
  53. Live Forever (Letra)
  54. Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous (Letra)
  55. Love Is Love (Letra)
  56. Main Event (Letra)
  57. Modern Love (Letra)
  58. My Love Sees No Color (Letra)
  59. Never Go Home Again (Letra)
  60. New York City Beat (feat. Michelle Visage) (Letra)
  61. Nothing for Christmas (Letra)
  62. Oh No She Better Don’t (feat. The Cast of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6) (Letra)
  63. Peanut Butter (feat. Big Freedia) (Letra)
  64. People Are People (Letra)
  65. Pussy 4 Sale (Letra)
  66. Put Some Weight On It (Letra)
  67. Read U Wrote U (feat. Alaska, Detox, Katya & Roxxxy) (Letra)
  68. Responsitrannity (Letra)
  69. Santa Baby (Letra)
  70. Sexy Drag Queen (Letra)
  71. Shade: The Rusical (Letra)
  72. Sissy That Walk (Letra)
  73. Sister Brother (Letra)
  74. Snapshot (Letra)
  75. Step It Up (feat. Dave Audé) (Letra)
  76. Supermodel (You Better Work!) (Letra)
  77. Superstar (Letra)
  78. Sweet Pussy Of Mine (Letra)
  79. The Beginning (Letra)
  80. The Lonely (Letra)
  81. The Night Before Christmas (Letra)
  82. The Price Of One (Letra)
  83. The Realness (feat. Eric Kupper) (Letra)
  84. Theme from “Drag Race” (Letra)
  85. Throw Ya Hands Up w/Lady Bunny (Letra)
  86. Tranny Chaser (Letra)
  87. U Wear It Well (Letra)
  88. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Letra)