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Paul Wall - Letras de Musicas

  1. So Fly (Letra)
  2. Back Up Plan (Letra)
  3. Chunk Up The Deuce (Letra)
  4. Grillz (Nelly ft. JD,Paul Wall,Gipp,Ali) (Tradução)
  5. Diamond Exposed (Letra)
  6. I Wanna Get (Letra)
  7. Thinkin’ Thoed (Letra)
  8. Smooth Operator (Letra)
  9. Not My Friend (feat. Slim Thug) (Letra)
  10. Live It (Letra)
  11. I’m A Playa (Letra)
  12. Clap (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. Ain’t A Thang (feat. Jim Jones) (Letra)
  2. All Eyes On Me (Letoya ft.Paul Wall & Slim Thug) (Letra)
  3. All Eyez On Me Freestyle (Letra)
  4. Am What I Am (Letra)
  5. Back Up Plan (Letra)
  6. Balla Talk Ii (Letra)
  7. Bangin’ Screw (Letra)
  8. Be Easy (Flow) (Letra)
  9. Big Ballin’ (Letra)
  10. Bizzy Body ft. Webbie & Mouse (Letra)
  11. Bounce Back Freestyle (Letra)
  12. Break Bread (Letra)
  13. Break Em Off (ft. Lil Keke) (Letra)
  14. Can’t Give U Da World (Letra)
  15. Chick Magnet (Letra)
  16. Chunk Up The Deuce (Letra)
  17. Clap (Letra)
  18. Dat’s What Dat Is (Letra)
  19. Denzel Washington (Feat. Z-Ro & Chamillionaire) (Letra)
  20. Diamond Exposed (Letra)
  21. Drive Slow (Letra)
  22. Everybody Know Me (feat. Snoop Dogg) (Letra)
  23. Falsifying (Letra)
  24. Game Over (Flip) Freestyle (Letra)
  25. Game Over Freestyle (Letra)
  26. Girl (Letra)
  27. Go Grind (Letra)
  28. Got Plex (Letra)
  29. Grillz (Nelly ft. JD,Paul Wall,Gipp,Ali) (Letra)
  30. Grillz (Nelly ft. JD,Paul Wall,Gipp,Ali) (Tradução)
  31. Gymc Song (Letra)
  32. Holla At Me (Letra)
  33. House Of Pain (Letra)
  34. Hustler Stackin’ Ends (Letra)
  35. I Wanna Get (Letra)
  36. I’m A Pimp (Letra)
  37. I’m A Playa (Letra)
  38. I’m On Patron (Letra)
  39. I’m On Patron (Tradução)
  40. I’m Throwed (Letra)
  41. Internet Going Nutz (Letra)
  42. Jeep Shit (Feat Red Cafe & Fabolous) (Letra)
  43. Just Paul Wall (Letra)
  44. Know What I’m Talkin’ About (Letra)
  45. Lick Freestyle (Letra)
  46. Live It (Letra)
  47. Luv N My Life (Letra)
  48. March N’ Step (Letra)
  49. My Life (Letra)
  50. My Money Gets Jealous (Letra)
  51. N Luv Wit My Money (Letra)
  52. Not My Friend (feat. Slim Thug) (Letra)
  53. Oh No (Letra)
  54. Play Dirty (Letra)
  55. Playa Made (Letra)
  56. Respect My Grind (Letra)
  57. Ridin’ Dirty (Letra)
  58. Right Now (feat. D Boss) (Letra)
  59. She Gansta (Letra)
  60. Sippin’ Tha Barre (Letra)
  61. Sittin’ Sidewayz (Letra)
  62. Smooth Operator (Letra)
  63. So Fly (Letra)
  64. So Many Diamonds (Letra)
  65. Still (N Love With My Money) (Letra)
  66. That Fire (feat. Trina) (Letra)
  67. That Fire (Letra)
  68. The Other Day (Letra)
  69. They Don’t Know (Letra)
  70. They Don’t Know Freestyle (Letra)
  71. They Don’t Lnow (Letra)
  72. Thinkin’ Thoed (Letra)
  73. Thinking Of You (Letra)
  74. Trill (Letra)
  75. True (Letra)
  76. Tryin To Get Paid (Letra)
  77. U Already Know (Letra)
  78. U Owe Me (Letra)
  79. What Would U Do (Letra)
  80. Who Gives A Fuck (Letra)
  81. Why You Peepin Me (Letra)