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Patmus - Letras de Musicas

  1. A Cada Dia (Letra)
  2. You’re The One (Letra)
  3. Suspicious Minds (Tradução)
  4. South of Cincinnatti (Letra)
  5. Here Comes Santa Claus (Letra)
  6. Never Hold You (Letra)
  7. Paz (Letra)
  8. Come On Christmas (Letra)
  9. I Hear You Knockin’ (Letra)
  10. The Christmas Song (Letra)
  11. That’s Okay (Letra)
  12. Hold On to God (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. 1,000 Miles (Letra)
  2. A Cada Dia (Letra)
  3. A Long Way Home (Letra)
  4. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Letra)
  5. Ain’t That Lonely Yet (Letra)
  6. Always Late With Your Kisses (Letra)
  7. Amo Teu Toque (Letra)
  8. Away In a Manger (Letra)
  9. Baby Don’t Go (Letra)
  10. Baby Why Not (Letra)
  11. Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) (Letra)
  12. Bury Me (Duet With Maria Mckee) (Letra)
  13. Caminho (Letra)
  14. Claudette (Letra)
  15. Come On Christmas (Letra)
  16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Letra)
  17. Dangerous Man (Letra)
  18. Doin’ What I Did (Letra)
  19. Don’t Be Sad (Letra)
  20. Estamos Prontos (Letra)
  21. Eu confio em Deus (Letra)
  22. Fast As You (Letra)
  23. Floyd County (Letra)
  24. Gone (That’ll Be Me) (Letra)
  25. Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues (Letra)
  26. Guitars, Cadillacs (Letra)
  27. Heart of Stonev (Letra)
  28. Heartaches By the Number (Letra)
  29. Here Comes Santa Claus (Letra)
  30. Here Comes The Night (Letra)
  31. Hold On to God (Letra)
  32. Home For Sale (Letra)
  33. Home Of The Blues (Letra)
  34. Honky Tonk Man (Letra)
  35. I Ain’t That Lonely Yet (Letra)
  36. I Don’t Need It Done (Letra)
  37. I Got You (Letra)
  38. I Hear You Knockin’ (Letra)
  39. I Sang Dixie (Letra)
  40. I Wouldn’t Put It Past Me (Letra)
  41. I’ll Be Gone (Letra)
  42. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Letra)
  43. I’ll Go Back to Her (Letra)
  44. I’ll Just Take These (Letra)
  45. If There Was a Way (Letra)
  46. Inside the Pocket of a Clown (Letra)
  47. It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Letra)
  48. It Won’t Hurt (Letra)
  49. Jambalaya (Letra)
  50. Johnson’s Love (Letra)
  51. King of Fools (Letra)
  52. Let’s Work Together (Letra)
  53. Listen (Letra)
  54. Little Sister (Letra)
  55. Little Ways (Letra)
  56. Lonesome Roads (Letra)
  57. Long White Cadillac (Letra)
  58. Miner’s Prayer (Letra)
  59. My Bucket’s Got a Hole (Letra)
  60. Near You (Letra)
  61. Never Hold You (Letra)
  62. North to Alaska (Letra)
  63. Nothing (Letra)
  64. Nothing’s Changed Here (Letra)
  65. One More Name (Letra)
  66. One More Night (Letra)
  67. Only Want You More (Letra)
  68. Paz (Letra)
  69. Playboy (Letra)
  70. Please, Please Baby (Letra)
  71. Quero Tu Presença (Letra)
  72. Readin’, Rightin’, Route 23 (Letra)
  73. Ring of Fire (Letra)
  74. Run, Run, Rudolph (Letra)
  75. Sad, Sad Music (Letra)
  76. Same Fool (Letra)
  77. Santa Can’t Stay (Letra)
  78. Santa Claus Is Back in Town (Letra)
  79. Send a Message to My Heart (Letra)
  80. Send Me the Pillow (Letra)
  81. Silent Night (Letra)
  82. Silver Bells (Letra)
  83. Since I Started Drinking Again (Letra)
  84. Smoke Along the Track (Letra)
  85. Sorry You Asked (Letra)
  86. South of Cincinnatti (Letra)
  87. Streets of Bakersfield (Letra)
  88. Suspicious Minds (Letra)
  89. Suspicious Minds (Tradução)
  90. T For Texas (Letra)
  91. Takes a Lot to Rock You (Letra)
  92. That’s Okay (Letra)
  93. The Back of Your Hand (Letra)
  94. The Christmas Song (Letra)
  95. The Curse (Letra)
  96. The Distance Between You and Me (Letra)
  97. The Heart That You Own (Letra)
  98. The Last Time (Letra)
  99. The Pocket of a Clown (Letra)
  100. These Arms (Letra)
  101. Things Change (Letra)
  102. Things We Said Today (Letra)
  103. Thinking About Leaving (Letra)
  104. This Drinkin’ Will Kill Me (Letra)
  105. This Much I Know (Letra)
  106. This Time (Letra)
  107. Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Letra)
  108. Throughout All Time (Letra)
  109. Tired of Waiting For You (Letra)
  110. Train In Vain (Letra)
  111. Traveler’s Lantern (Letra)
  112. Truckin’ (Letra)
  113. Try Not to Look So Pretty (Letra)
  114. Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose (Letra)
  115. Twenty Years (Letra)
  116. Two Doors Down (Letra)
  117. What I Don’t Know (Letra)
  118. Wichita Lineman (Letra)
  119. Wild Ride (Letra)
  120. Yet to Succeed (Letra)
  121. You’re The One (Letra)