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The Lies I Sire (Letra)

My Dying Bride - Letras

The Lies I Sire (Letra) - My Dying Bride

Before it lies
The story of invoking joy
Endless love
Given to me through a dream
A following from above

I couldn’t help myself
God walks by my side
Within my limbs burns hate
Believe me how I cry
The tremble of my hands
Blinded by my tears
But I stand heroic
The holy words I heed

With glory and blazing eyes
I rise into bloody skies
Myself a storm, ravaging
The wrath of God, down I bring

With mercenary’s smile
I rise up from the shade
As the king of all souls
The pounding of my wings
Tearing through the night
Death’s taking his toll

The sear in heat
Burning eyes
Fury and fire
A forest gone
Torn victims
The lies I sire

My work is done and I leave none
The passion in my dying worth

The grief I leave is meaningless
The lies within these ancient words

The Lies I Sire (Letra) - My Dying Bride