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A Cold New Curse (Letra)

My Dying Bride - Letras

A Cold New Curse (Letra) - My Dying Bride

By beauty and by fear
Along with hunger’s tears
By the last of the day’s heat
The broken women weep

So take my dying soul
It never felt so old
I thank my enemy
For having thought of me

Desires on the shadow of God
Who becomes the last to fall?
Hate, in the soul of them all

Do we live, awakened, hoping?
Raise your eyes to him, for him

Here it comes, closer, closer
At every hour death seems closer

Long shadows surround me, call me
I feel its hand upon me
I smell its death upon me
And its midnight conquers me
And now – it is me!

Carry the old words home
And lay them into stone
As hard as the earth
We leave a cold new curse

Unknown words lying
Under my speech dying
Where the altar should have been
Can no longer be seen

I’d seen bastions fall
And I pity your war
I seize your thorn
And I am known to all whores

I danced in a dream
I did not make a sound
I have seen what
I cannot receive

Whispering my given name
Unfurls the fingers of flame
Nameless sons and daughters of sin
Step forward when you hear the bells ring

A Cold New Curse (Letra) - My Dying Bride