Wholly Buy-Bull (Letra)

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Wholly Buy-Bull (Letra) - Melvins

I saw it in Newsweek
Therefore it must be real
Reagan and Khaddafi chatting
Like they’re old friends
At dinner with Abe Lincoln

Look how the shadows don’t match
Or shots of demonstrations
The signs are in English
Even in countries that
Don’t use our alphabet at all

Philly 2000 Republican Convention
I saw a booth where you could get you
Picture taken arm in arm with George Dubya Bush
And it looked totally real
Know how that makes me feel

Take any image of anything
In Photoshop nothing is real
Nothing is fake so I ask you
How many images and photos

We believe are real
Aren’t cars in the ads now fly
And part the seas and swim
Two minutes of your mouth on tape

Is that all it takes
To show you saying things you never said
In the headlines, in bed
With someone you have never met you? Easy!

Wholly Buy-Bull (Letra) - Melvins