Posthuman (Letra)

Mayhem - Letras

Posthuman (Letra) - Mayhem

Fake planes weaving
Chemtrails cross the sky
Scalar waves
Frequency cage
Nowhere to hide
Death from above

Salt the earth
Kill the bees
Collapse the colonies
Nanotech zombie dust
Morgellon machines
Everyone will receive
The mark of the beast
Blue beams project false prophets

Poson frankenfood
Man made bacteria
Forced toxic vaccinations
Psychotronic holocaust
Invisible mind police
Silent weapons for quiet wars

Lost chance for life
Thrown away
Out of time
Omega point
Genderless manimals
Dehumanized society
Artifical unintelligence
Emerging singularity
End of evolution
Resistance is futile
I am the transcendence man

Posthuman (Letra) - Mayhem