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Luther Vandross - Letras de Musicas

  1. Dance With My Father (Tradução)
  2. Take You Out (Letra)
  3. I’d Rather (Letra)
  4. Never Too Much (Tradução)
  5. Always And Forever (Tradução)
  6. She Doesn’t Mind (Letra)
  7. Don’t You Know That? (Letra)
  8. Love Won’t Let Me Wait (Letra)
  9. It’s All About You (Letra)
  10. Power Of Love/Love Power (Letra)
  11. I’m Gonna Start Today (Letra)
  12. The Closer I Get To You (Tradução)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. ‘Til My Baby Comes Home (Letra)
  2. A House Is Not A Home (Letra)
  3. A House Is Not A Home (Tradução)
  4. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Letra)
  5. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Tradução)
  6. All The Woman I Need (Letra)
  7. Always And Forever (Letra)
  8. Always And Forever (Tradução)
  9. Any Day Now (Letra)
  10. Any Love (Letra)
  11. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Letra)
  12. Apologize (Letra)
  13. Are You Gonna Love Me (Letra)
  14. Are You Mad At Me? (Letra)
  15. Are You There (With Another Guy) (Letra)
  16. Are You Using Me? (Letra)
  17. At Christmas Time (Letra)
  18. Bad Boy/having A Party (Letra)
  19. Because It’s Really Love (Letra)
  20. Better Love (Letra)
  21. Bring Your Heart To Mine (Letra)
  22. Busy Body (Letra)
  23. Buy Me A Rose (Letra)
  24. Can Heaven Wait (Letra)
  25. Can’t Be Doing That Now (Letra)
  26. Come Back (Letra)
  27. Crazy Love (Letra)
  28. Creepin’ (Letra)
  29. Dance With My Father (Letra)
  30. Dance With My Father (Tradução)
  31. Don’t Want To Be A Fool (Letra)
  32. Don’t You Know That? (Letra)
  33. Dream Lover (Letra)
  34. Emotion Eyes (Letra)
  35. Emotional Love (Letra)
  36. Endless Love (Letra)
  37. Endless Love (Tradução)
  38. Evergreen (Letra)
  39. Every Year, Every Christmas (Letra)
  40. For The Sweetness Of Your Love (Letra)
  41. For You To Love (Letra)
  42. Forever, For Always, For Love (Letra)
  43. Get It Right(feat. Precise) (Letra)
  44. Give Me The Reason (Letra)
  45. Going In Circles (Letra)
  46. Going Out Of My Head (Letra)
  47. Going Out Of My Head (Tradução)
  48. Got You Home (Letra)
  49. Got You Home (Tradução)
  50. Grown Thangs (Letra)
  51. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Letra)
  52. Heart Of a Hero (Letra)
  53. Heart Of a Hero (Tradução)
  54. Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem Is, This Time It’s Mine) (Letra)
  55. Heaven Knows (Letra)
  56. Hello (Letra)
  57. Hello (Tradução)
  58. Here And Now (Letra)
  59. Here And Now (Tradução)
  60. Hit It Again(feat. Queen Latifah) (Letra)
  61. How Deep Is Your Love (Letra)
  62. How Do I Tell Her (Letra)
  63. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (Letra)
  64. Hustle (Letra)
  65. I Can Make It Better (Letra)
  66. I Can Tell You That (Letra)
  67. I Can’t Wait No Longer (Let’s Do This) (Letra)
  68. I Gave It Up (When I Fell In Love) (Letra)
  69. I Know (Letra)
  70. I Know You Want To (Letra)
  71. I Really Didn’t Mean It (Letra)
  72. I Want The Night To Stay (Letra)
  73. I Wanted Your Love (Letra)
  74. I Who Have Nothing (Letra)
  75. I Won’t Let You Do That To (Letra)
  76. I Wonder (Letra)
  77. I’d Rather (Letra)
  78. I’d Rather (Tradução)
  79. I’ll Let You Slide (Letra)
  80. I’m Gonna Start Today (Letra)
  81. I’m Gonna Start Today (Tradução)
  82. I’m Only Human(feat. Cassandra Wilson & Bob James) (Letra)
  83. I’ve Been Working (Letra)
  84. If I Didn’t Know Better (Letra)
  85. If I Was The One (Letra)
  86. If It Ain’t One Thing…(feat. Foxy Brown) (Letra)
  87. If Only For One Night (Letra)
  88. If Only For One Night (Tradução)
  89. If This World Were Mine (ft. Cheryl Lynn) (Letra)
  90. If This World Were Mine (ft. Cheryl Lynn) (Tradução)
  91. Impossible Dream (Letra)
  92. Isn’t There Someone (Letra)
  93. It’s All About You (Letra)
  94. It’s Hard For Me To Say (Letra)
  95. It’s Over Now (Letra)
  96. Keeping My Faith In You (Letra)
  97. Killing Me Softly (Letra)
  98. Killing Me Softly (Tradução)
  99. Knocks Me Off My Feet (Letra)
  100. Lady, Lady (Letra)
  101. Let’s Make Tonight The Night (Letra)
  102. Like I’m Invisible (Letra)
  103. Little Miracles (Happen Every Day) (Letra)
  104. Love Don’t Love You Anymore (TM’s Urban Mix) (Letra)
  105. Love Forgot (Letra)
  106. Love Is On The Way (real Love) (Letra)
  107. Love Me Again (Letra)
  108. Love The One You’re With (Letra)
  109. Love Won’t Let Me Wait (Letra)
  110. Lovely Day(feat. Busta Rhymes) (Letra)
  111. Make Me A Believer (Letra)
  112. My Favorite Things (Letra)
  113. My Sensitivity (Gets in the Way) (Letra)
  114. Never Let Me Go (Letra)
  115. Never Let Me Go (Tradução)
  116. Never Too Much (Letra)
  117. Never Too Much (Tradução)
  118. Nights In Harlem(feat. Precise) (Letra)
  119. Nobody To Love (Letra)
  120. Now That I Have You (Letra)
  121. O Come All Ye Faithful (Letra)
  122. Once Were Lovers (Letra)
  123. Once You Know How (Letra)
  124. One Night With You (Everyday Of Your Life) (Letra)
  125. Other Side Of The World (Letra)
  126. Please Come Home For Christmas (Letra)
  127. Power Of Love/Love Power (Letra)
  128. Promise Me (Letra)
  129. Reflections (Letra)
  130. Religion (Letra)
  131. Right In The Middle (Letra)
  132. Say It Now (Letra)
  133. See Me (Letra)
  134. She Doesn’t Mind (Letra)
  135. She Loves Me Back (Letra)
  136. She Saw You (Letra)
  137. She Won’t Talk To Me (Letra)
  138. She Won’t Talk To Me (Tradução)
  139. She’s A Super Lady (Letra)
  140. She’s So Good To Me (Letra)
  141. She’s So Good To Me (Tradução)
  142. Shine (Letra)
  143. Shine (Tradução)
  144. Since I Lost My Baby (Letra)
  145. Since You’ve Been Gone (Letra)
  146. So Amazing (Letra)
  147. So Amazing (Tradução)
  148. Sometimes It’s Only Love (Letra)
  149. Sometimes It’s Only Love (Tradução)
  150. Stop To Love (Letra)
  151. Stop To Love (Tradução)
  152. Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl) (Letra)
  153. Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) (Letra)
  154. Take You Out (Letra)
  155. The Best Things In Life Are Free (Letra)
  156. The Closer I Get To You (Letra)
  157. The Closer I Get To You (Tradução)
  158. The Night I Fell In Love (Letra)
  159. The Night I Fell In Love (Tradução)
  160. The Rush (Letra)
  161. The Second Time Around (Letra)
  162. There’s Nothing Better Than Love(feat. Gregory Hines) (Letra)
  163. There’s Only You (Letra)
  164. They Said You Needed Me (Letra)
  165. Think About You (Letra)
  166. This Is Christmas (Letra)
  167. This Time I’m Right (Letra)
  168. Too Far Down (Letra)
  169. Too Far Down (Tradução)
  170. Too Proud To Beg (Letra)
  171. Too Proud To Beg (Tradução)
  172. Treat You Right (Letra)
  173. Wait For Love (Letra)
  174. What The World Needs Now (Letra)
  175. When I Need You (Letra)
  176. Whether Or Not The World Gets Better(feat. Lisa Fischer) (Letra)
  177. You Are My Lady (Letra)
  178. You Are My Lady (Tradução)
  179. You Stopped Loving Me (Letra)
  180. You’re The Sweetest One (Letra)
  181. Your Secret Love (Letra)