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Linda Ronstadt - Letras de Musicas

  1. Blue Bayou (Tradução)
  2. Break My Mind (Tradução)
  3. What’s New (Letra)
  4. Ooh Baby Baby (Letra)
  5. Palomita De Ojos Negros (Letra)
  6. Frenesi (Letra)
  7. Parlez-moi D’amour (Letra)
  8. Por Un Amor (Letra)
  9. Someone To Watch Over Me (Tradução)
  10. Sisters (Tradução)
  11. I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Letra)
  12. Falling In Love Again (Tradução)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. ‘Round Midnight (Letra)
  2. 1917 (Letra)
  3. A Little White Dove With Black Eyes (Letra)
  4. A Number And A Name (Letra)
  5. A River For Him (Letra)
  6. Across the Border (Letra)
  7. Ad’onde Voy (Letra)
  8. Adieu False Heart (Letra)
  9. Adieu False Heart (Tradução)
  10. Adios (Letra)
  11. Adónde Voy (Letra)
  12. After The Gold Rush (Letra)
  13. Alison (Letra)
  14. All I Left Behind (Letra)
  15. All My Life (Letra)
  16. All That You Dream (Letra)
  17. Alma Adentro (Letra)
  18. Always Cold (Letra)
  19. Am I Blue (Letra)
  20. Angel Baby (Letra)
  21. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Letra)
  22. Are My Thoughts With You? (Letra)
  23. Are My Thoughts With You?” (Letra)
  24. Baby I Love You (Letra)
  25. Baby You’ve Been On My Mind (Letra)
  26. Back Home (Letra)
  27. Back Home (Tradução)
  28. Back In The U.S.A. (Letra)
  29. Back On The Street Again (Letra)
  30. Back On The Street Again (Tradução)
  31. Ballad Of Cananea (Letra)
  32. Be My Baby (Letra)
  33. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad (Letra)
  34. Between Abysses (Letra)
  35. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Letra)
  36. Birds (Letra)
  37. Bitter Truth (Letra)
  38. Blue Bayou (Letra)
  39. Blue Bayou (Spanish) (Letra)
  40. Blue Bayou (Spanish) (Tradução)
  41. Blue Bayou (Tradução)
  42. Blue Prelude (Letra)
  43. Brahms’ Lullaby (Letra)
  44. Break My Mind (Letra)
  45. Break My Mind (Tradução)
  46. Burns’ Supper (Letra)
  47. Burns’ Supper (Tradução)
  48. But Not For Me (Letra)
  49. Can’t We Be Friends (Letra)
  50. Carmelita (Letra)
  51. Cinnamon Skin (Letra)
  52. Colorado (Letra)
  53. Corrido De Cananea (Letra)
  54. Cost Of Love (Letra)
  55. Crazy (Letra)
  56. Crazy Arms (Letra)
  57. Crazy He Calls Me (Letra)
  58. Cry ‘Til My Tears Run Dry (Letra)
  59. Cry Like A Rainstorm (Letra)
  60. Cry Me A River (Letra)
  61. Cuando Me Querias Tu (Letra)
  62. Damage (Letra)
  63. Dark End Of The Street (Letra)
  64. Day Dream (Letra)
  65. Dedicated To The One I Love (Letra)
  66. Deep Within My Soul (Letra)
  67. Delight (Letra)
  68. Desperado (Letra)
  69. Despojos (Letra)
  70. Devoted To You (Letra)
  71. Different Drum (Letra)
  72. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (Letra)
  73. Do What You Gotta Do (Letra)
  74. Don’t Cry Now (Letra)
  75. Don’t Know Much (Letra)
  76. Don’t Know Much (Tradução)
  77. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (Letra)
  78. Dos Arbolitos (Letra)
  79. Down So Low (Letra)
  80. Dreaming (Letra)
  81. Dreams Of The San Joaquin (Letra)
  82. Easy For You To Say (Letra)
  83. El Camino (Letra)
  84. El Crucifijo De Piedra (Letra)
  85. El Gustito (Letra)
  86. El Sol Que Tu Eres (Letra)
  87. El Sueno (Letra)
  88. El Toro Relajo (Letra)
  89. En Mi Soledad (Letra)
  90. Entre Abismos (Letra)
  91. Everybody Love A Winner (Letra)
  92. Everybody Loves A Winner (Letra)
  93. Faithful (Letra)
  94. Faithless Love (Letra)
  95. Falling Down (Letra)
  96. Falling In Love Again (Letra)
  97. Falling In Love Again (Tradução)
  98. Farther Along (Letra)
  99. Father God (Letra)
  100. Feels Like Home (Letra)
  101. For A Dancer (Letra)
  102. For A Love (Letra)
  103. Fragments (Letra)
  104. Frenesi (Letra)
  105. Frenesi (Tradução)
  106. Frenzy (Letra)
  107. Get Closer (Letra)
  108. Get On With It (Letra)
  109. Get Out Of Town (Letra)
  110. Girls Talk (Letra)
  111. Give Me A Reason (Letra)
  112. Give One Heart (Letra)
  113. Go Away From My Window (Letra)
  114. Go Away From My Window (Tradução)
  115. Good Night (Letra)
  116. Good-Bye (Letra)
  117. Goodbye My Friend (Letra)
  118. Goodbye My Friend (Tradução)
  119. Gritenme Piedras Del Campo (Letra)
  120. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (Letra)
  121. Hasten Down The Wind (Letra)
  122. Hay Unos Ojos (Letra)
  123. He Dark The Sun (Letra)
  124. He Rode All the Way to Texas (Letra)
  125. He Was Mine (Letra)
  126. Heart Like A Wheel (Letra)
  127. Heartbeats Accelerating (Letra)
  128. Heartbreak Kind (Letra)
  129. Heat Wave (Letra)
  130. Hey Mister That’s Me Up On The Jukebox (Letra)
  131. High Sierra (Letra)
  132. Hobo’s Meditation (Letra)
  133. How Do I Make You (Letra)
  134. Hummin’ To Myself (Letra)
  135. Hurt So Bad (Letra)
  136. I Believe In You (Letra)
  137. I Can Almost See It (Letra)
  138. I Can’t Get Over You (Letra)
  139. I Can’t Get Over You (Tradução)
  140. I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You) (Letra)
  141. I Can’t Let Go (Letra)
  142. I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You (Letra)
  143. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Letra)
  144. I Fall To Pieces (Letra)
  145. I Feel the Blues Movin’ In (Letra)
  146. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Letra)
  147. I Go To Pieces (Letra)
  148. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (Letra)
  149. I Keep It Hid (Letra)
  150. I Knew You When (Letra)
  151. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Letra)
  152. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons (Tradução)
  153. I Love You, You Said (Letra)
  154. I Need You (Letra)
  155. I Never Will Marry (Letra)
  156. I Still Miss Someone (Letra)
  157. I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Letra)
  158. I Will Always Love You (Letra)
  159. I Won’t Be Hangin’ ‘Round (Letra)
  160. I’ll Be Seeing You (Letra)
  161. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Letra)
  162. I’m A Fool To Want You (Letra)
  163. I’m Blowing Away (Letra)
  164. I’m Leavin’ It All Up To You (Letra)
  165. I’ve Got A Crush On You (Letra)
  166. I’ve Had Enough (Letra)
  167. I’ve Never Been In Love Before (Letra)
  168. Icy Blue Heart (Letra)
  169. If He’s Ever Near (Letra)
  170. If I Should Fall Behind (Letra)
  171. In My Reply (Letra)
  172. In My Room (Letra)
  173. In My Solitude (Letra)
  174. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Letra)
  175. It Never Entered My Mind (Letra)
  176. It’s About Time (Letra)
  177. It’s So Easy (Letra)
  178. It’s Too Soon To Know (Letra)
  179. Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (Letra)
  180. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Letra)
  181. Just One Look (Letra)
  182. Just One Look (Tradução)
  183. Justine (Letra)
  184. Keep Me From Blowing Away (Letra)
  185. King Of Bohemia (Letra)
  186. King Of Bohemia (Tradução)
  187. La Barca De Guaymas (Letra)
  188. La Calandria (Letra)
  189. La Charreada (Letra)
  190. La Cigarra (Letra)
  191. La Mariquita (Lady Bug) (Letra)
  192. La Mariquita (Letra)
  193. Lie Salome (Letra)
  194. Lies (Letra)
  195. Life Is Like A Mountain Rail (Letra)
  196. Life Is Like a Mountain Railway (Letra)
  197. Little Girl Blue (Letra)
  198. Little Girl Blue (Tradução)
  199. Lo Siento Mi Vida (Letra)
  200. Long Long Time (Letra)
  201. Long Long Time (Tradução)
  202. Look Out For My Love (Letra)
  203. Los Laureles (Letra)
  204. Lose Again (Letra)
  205. Louise (Letra)
  206. Love Has No Pride (Letra)
  207. Love Is A Rose (Letra)
  208. Love Me A Lot (Letra)
  209. Love Me Tender (Letra)
  210. Love’s Sorrows (Letra)
  211. Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be) (Letra)
  212. Lover’s Return (Letra)
  213. Lovesick Blues (Letra)
  214. Loving the Highway Man (Letra)
  215. Lush Life (Letra)
  216. Mad Love (Letra)
  217. Making Plans (Letra)
  218. Many Rivers To Cross (Letra)
  219. Marie Mouri (Letra)
  220. Marie Mouri (Tradução)
  221. Maybe I’m Right (Letra)
  222. Mean To Me (Letra)
  223. Mental Revenge (Letra)
  224. Mentira Salome (Letra)
  225. Mi Ranchito (Letra)
  226. Miss Otis Regrets (Letra)
  227. Mohammed’s Radio (Letra)
  228. Moonlight In Vermont (Letra)
  229. Moonlight In Vermont (Tradução)
  230. Morning Blues (Letra)
  231. Mr. Radio (Letra)
  232. My Blue Tears (Letra)
  233. My Dear Companion (Letra)
  234. My Funny Valentine (Letra)
  235. My Little Ranch (Letra)
  236. My Little Ranch (Tradução)
  237. My Old Flame (Letra)
  238. Nobody’s (Letra)
  239. Oh No Not My Baby (Letra)
  240. Old Paint (Letra)
  241. Ooh Baby Baby (Letra)
  242. Palomita De Ojos Negros (Letra)
  243. Parlez-moi D’amour (Letra)
  244. Parlez-moi D’amour (Tradução)
  245. Party Girl (Letra)
  246. Pena De Los Amores (Letra)
  247. People Gonna Talk (Letra)
  248. Perfidia (Letra)
  249. Perfidy (Letra)
  250. Piel Canela (Letra)
  251. Piensa En Mi (Letra)
  252. Plus Tu Tournes (Letra)
  253. Plus Tu Tournes (Tradução)
  254. Poor Poor Pitiful Me (Letra)
  255. Por Un Amor (Letra)
  256. Prisoner In Disguise (Letra)
  257. Quiereme Mucho (Letra)
  258. Raise the Dead (Letra)
  259. Ramblin’ ‘Round (Letra)
  260. Rattle My Cage (Letra)
  261. Rattle My Cage (Tradução)
  262. Rescue Me (Letra)
  263. Rivers Of Babylon (Letra)
  264. Rock Me On The Water (Letra)
  265. Rogaciano (Letra)
  266. Rogaciano (Tradução)
  267. Rogaciano El Huapanguero (Letra)
  268. Roll Um Easy (Letra)
  269. Rosewood Casket (Letra)
  270. Ruler Of My Heart (Letra)
  271. Sail Away (Letra)
  272. Scream To Me Stones In The Field (Letra)
  273. Shattered (Letra)
  274. Siempre Hace Frio (Letra)
  275. Silver Blue (Letra)
  276. Silver Threads And Golden Needles (Letra)
  277. Simple Man, Simple Dream (Letra)
  278. Sisters (Letra)
  279. Sisters (Tradução)
  280. Sisters of Mercy (Letra)
  281. Skylark (Letra)
  282. So Right, So Wrong (Letra)
  283. Someone To Lay Down Beside Me (Letra)
  284. Someone To Watch Over Me (Letra)
  285. Someone To Watch Over Me (Tradução)
  286. Sometimes You Just Can’t Win (Letra)
  287. Somewhere Out There (Letra)
  288. Somewhere Out There (Tradução)
  289. Sophisticated Lady (Letra)
  290. Sorrow Lives Here (Letra)
  291. Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (Letra)
  292. Straighten Up And Fly Right (Letra)
  293. Sweet Spot (Letra)
  294. Talk To Me Of Mendocino (Letra)
  295. Talking In The Dark (Letra)
  296. Tata Dios (Letra)
  297. Te Quiero Dijiste (Letra)
  298. Teardrops Will Fall (Letra)
  299. Tell Him (Letra)
  300. Tell Him I Said Hello (Letra)
  301. Telling Me Lies (Letra)
  302. That’ll Be The Day (Letra)
  303. The Blue Train (Letra)
  304. The Boat From Guaymas (Letra)
  305. The Charreada (Letra)
  306. The Cicada (Letra)
  307. The Crucifix Of Stone (Letra)
  308. The Dolphins (Letra)
  309. The Fast One (Letra)
  310. The Lark (Letra)
  311. The Laurels (Letra)
  312. The Long Way Around (Letra)
  313. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Letra)
  314. The New Partner Waltz (Letra)
  315. The New Partner Waltz (Tradução)
  316. The One I Love Is Gone (Letra)
  317. The One I Love Is Gone (Tradução)
  318. The Only Mama That’ll Walk The Line (Letra)
  319. The Pain of Loving You (Letra)
  320. The Road (Letra)
  321. The Sun That You Are (Letra)
  322. The Sweetest Gift (Letra)
  323. The Sweetest Gift (Tradução)
  324. The Tattler (Letra)
  325. The Troublesome Bull (Letra)
  326. The Waiting (Letra)
  327. There Are Some Eyes (Letra)
  328. Think Of Me (Letra)
  329. This Is To Mother You (Letra)
  330. Those Memories of You (Letra)
  331. To Know Him Is To Love Him (Letra)
  332. Too Old To Die Young (Letra)
  333. Too Old To Die Young (Tradução)
  334. Tracks Of My Tears (Letra)
  335. Train (Letra)
  336. Train (Tradução)
  337. Trouble Again (Letra)
  338. Try Me Again (Letra)
  339. Tu Solo Tu (Letra)
  340. Tumbling Dice (Letra)
  341. Two Little Trees (Letra)
  342. Valerie (Letra)
  343. Verdad Amarga (Letra)
  344. Walk Away Renee (Letra)
  345. Walk Away Renee (Tradução)
  346. Walk On (Letra)
  347. We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock & Roll) (Letra)
  348. We Will Rock You (Letra)
  349. Western Wall (Letra)
  350. What’ll I Do (Letra)
  351. What’s New (Letra)
  352. What’s New (Tradução)
  353. When I Fall In Love (Letra)
  354. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Letra)
  355. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Letra)
  356. When We Ran (Letra)
  357. When We’re Gone, Long Gone (Letra)
  358. When Will I Be Loved (Letra)
  359. When You Loved Me (Letra)
  360. When You Wish Upon A Star (Letra)
  361. When Your Lover Has Gone (Letra)
  362. White Rhythm And Blues (Letra)
  363. Wildflowers (Letra)
  364. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Letra)
  365. Willin’ (Letra)
  366. Willin’ (Tradução)
  367. Winter Light (Letra)
  368. Winter Light (Tradução)
  369. Women ‘Cross The River (Letra)
  370. Y Andale (Letra)
  371. You Can Close Your Eyes (Letra)
  372. You Can’t Treat The Wrong Man Right (Letra)
  373. You Go To My Head (Letra)
  374. You Only You (Letra)
  375. You Tell Me That I’m Falling Down (Letra)
  376. You Took Advantage Of Me (Letra)
  377. You’ll Never Be the Sun (Letra)
  378. You’re No Good (Letra)
  379. You’re No Good (Tradução)