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Lil Durk - Letras de Musicas

  1. My Beyoncé (Letra)
  2. Like Me (Letra)
  3. Bang Bros (Letra)
  4. 500 Homicides (Letra)
  5. What You Do to Me (Letra)
  6. On fait pas ça (Letra)
  7. Ridin (Letra)
  8. Higher (Letra)
  9. Gas and Mud (Letra)
  10. If I Could (Letra)
  11. Dis Ain’t What U Want (Letra)
  12. What Your Life Like (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. 500 Homicides (Letra)
  2. Bang Bros (Letra)
  3. Dis Ain’t What U Want (Letra)
  4. Gas and Mud (Letra)
  5. Hated On Me (Letra)
  6. Higher (Letra)
  7. If I Could (Letra)
  8. Like Me (Letra)
  9. Lord Don’t Make Me Do It (Letra)
  10. My Beyoncé (Letra)
  11. On fait pas ça (Letra)
  12. Play Your Role (Letra)
  13. Ridin (Letra)
  14. What You Do to Me (Letra)
  15. What Your Life Like (Letra)