The Drive-By (Letra)

Ice Cube - Letras

The Drive-By (Letra) - Ice Cube

And now, “the drive-by”

[Hustler 1:] yo, money! The mothafuckas around the corners, till we trippin’, man!
[Hustler 2:] whassup, man? What are they doin’, man?
[Hustler 1:] yo, man! I just don’t like them mothafuckas!
[Hustler 2:] alright, man
[Hustler 1:] fuck it, man!
[Hustler 2:] let’s get in the car, man!
[Hustler 1:] aiight! Yo, yo, yo! Let’s smoke those mothafuckas! [car door slam shuts]
[Engine starts] [music starts playin’ “bust a move” by young mc]
[Hustler 1:] there they go!
[Hustler 2:] aight! Turn up the headlights, man! Turn the radio down! Turn the radio down…
[Hustler 1:] yo, yo, yo, yo! We gon’ bring death to them!
[Hustler 2:]
Hehehh! We’ve done it before… [gun cocks]
There they go. Right there! [gun cocks] ayo, man! Roll the window down! [music stops]
[Hustler 1:] aight!
[Hustler 2:] we finna get this mothafucka! ‘ey, ‘ey, ‘ey, man! Whassup, nigga?
[Enemy] yo!
[Hustler 2:] this wildest nigga, my nigga!
[People] [screams] [shouts]
[Hustler 1:] just smoke the mothafucka, man!
[Hustler 2:] shoot that mothafucka, man! [4 shots] [automatic gunshots]
[People] [screams] [shouts]
[Hustler 1:] ‘ey, ‘ey, ‘ey! I’m shootin’ ‘em right now, man! Let’s get ‘em, man! [4 shots]
[Hustler 2:] fuck that! Smoke the mothafuckas! [automatic gunshots]
[Hustler 1:] owww, shit, man! I shoot the mothafuckas!
[Hustler 2:] get fuck outta here, man! Get the fuck…! [car pulls away]
[People] [screams] [shouts]
[Hustler 2:]… Fuck outta here
[People] [screams] [shouts]

[Tom brokaw newcaster sample:]
“Outside the south central area…
Few cared about the violence because… It didn’t affect them.”

The Drive-By (Letra) - Ice Cube