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George Jones - Letras de Musicas

  1. Tennessee Whiskey (Tradução)
  2. He Stopped Loving Her Today (Tradução)
  3. Two Story House (Letra)
  4. Where Grass Won’t Grow (with Dolly Parton) (Letra)
  5. I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair (Letra)
  6. God’s Gonna Get ‘Cha (For That) (Letra)
  7. Almost Persuaded (Letra)
  8. A Pair Of Old Sneakers (Letra)
  9. Tennessee Whiskey (Letra)
  10. It Is No Secret (what God Can Do) (Letra)
  11. She Thinks I Still Care (Letra)
  12. We Loved It Away (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers Lyrics (Letra)
  2. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Letra)
  3. (The Corvette Song) The One I Loved Back Then (Letra)
  4. (We’re Not) The Jet Set (Letra)
  5. 4-0-33 (Letra)
  6. 50000 Names (Letra)
  7. A Beggar To A King (Letra)
  8. A Cold Day In December (Letra)
  9. A Cold Day In December (Tradução)
  10. A Day In The Life Of A Fool (Letra)
  11. A Drunk Can’t Be a Man (Letra)
  12. A Drunk Can’t Be a Man (Tradução)
  13. A Girl I Used To Know (Letra)
  14. A Good Year For The Roses (Letra)
  15. A Good Year For The Roses (Tradução)
  16. A Goodbye Joke (Letra)
  17. A House Of Gold (Letra)
  18. A Pair Of Old Sneakers (Letra)
  19. A Picture Of Me Without You (Letra)
  20. A Place In The Country (Letra)
  21. A Real Close Friend (Letra)
  22. A Rose From The Bride’s Bouquet (Letra)
  23. A Thousand Times a Day (Letra)
  24. A Wandering Soul (Letra)
  25. Accidentally On Purpose (Letra)
  26. Accidentaly On Purpose (Letra)
  27. Aching Breaking Heart (Letra)
  28. After Closing Time (Letra)
  29. Ain’t It Funny What A Fool Will Do (Letra)
  30. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me (Letra)
  31. Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (but The Leaves) (Letra)
  32. Ain’t Your Memory Got No Pride At All (Letra)
  33. All Fall Down (Letra)
  34. All I Have To Offer You Is Me (Letra)
  35. All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers (Letra)
  36. Almost Persuaded (Letra)
  37. Along Came Jones (Letra)
  38. Am I That Easy To Forget (Letra)
  39. Amazing Grace (Letra)
  40. Angels Don’t Fly (Letra)
  41. Another Way To Say Goodbye (Letra)
  42. Any Old Time (Letra)
  43. Apartment No.9 (Letra)
  44. Asshole Song (Letra)
  45. Baby There’s Nothing Like You (Letra)
  46. Baby You’ve Got What It Takes (Letra)
  47. Back Down To Hung Up On You (Letra)
  48. Back In My Baby’s Arms Again (Letra)
  49. Baptism Of Jesse Taylor (Letra)
  50. Bartender’s Blues (Letra)
  51. Bartender’s Blues (with James Taylor) (Letra)
  52. Battle (Letra)
  53. Battle Of Love (Letra)
  54. Beer Run (Letra)
  55. Best Friends (Letra)
  56. Big Harlan Taylor (Letra)
  57. Billy B. Bad (Letra)
  58. Billy Ray Wrote a Song (Letra)
  59. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Letra)
  60. Blue Side Of Lonesome (Letra)
  61. Bone Dry (Letra)
  62. Book Of Memories (Letra)
  63. Borrowed Angel (Letra)
  64. Bridge Washed Out (Letra)
  65. Bring On The Clowns (Letra)
  66. Brother To The Blues (Letra)
  67. Brown to Blue (Letra)
  68. Bubbles In My Beer (Letra)
  69. Burning Bridges (Letra)
  70. Busted (Letra)
  71. C. C. Waterback (Letra)
  72. Cause I Love You (Letra)
  73. Ceremony (Letra)
  74. Choices (Letra)
  75. Choices (Tradução)
  76. Color Of The Blues (Letra)
  77. Come Home To Me (Letra)
  78. Come Home To Me (Tradução)
  79. Come Sundown (Letra)
  80. Couldn’t Love Have Picked a Better Place To Die (Letra)
  81. Crazy Arms (Letra)
  82. Crude Oil Blues (Letra)
  83. Cry Baby Cry (Letra)
  84. Cry Like A Baby (Letra)
  85. Cryin’ Time (Letra)
  86. Cup Of Loneliness (Letra)
  87. Cup Of Loneliness (Tradução)
  88. Daddy Come Home (Letra)
  89. Darlin’ (Letra)
  90. Day After Forever (Letra)
  91. Day In The Life Of A Fool (Letra)
  92. Detroit City (Letra)
  93. Developing My Pictures (Letra)
  94. Diary Of My Mind (Letra)
  95. Did I Ever Tell You (Letra)
  96. Dixieland For Me (Letra)
  97. Don’t Be Angry (Letra)
  98. Don’t Be Angry (Tradução)
  99. Don’t do This To Me (Letra)
  100. Don’t do This To Me (Tradução)
  101. Don’t Go (Letra)
  102. Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long (Letra)
  103. Don’t Let Me Cross Over (Letra)
  104. Don’t Send Me No Angels (Letra)
  105. Don’t Stop The Music (Letra)
  106. Don’t Think I Don’t Love You (Letra)
  107. Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me (Letra)
  108. Dream On (Letra)
  109. Drive Me To Drink (Letra)
  110. Drunk Can’t Be a Man (Letra)
  111. Eskimo Pie (Letra)
  112. Even The Bad Times Are Good (Letra)
  113. Everything Ain’t Right (Letra)
  114. Faded Love (Letra)
  115. Family Bible (Letra)
  116. Finally Friday (Letra)
  117. Flame In My Heart (Letra)
  118. Flowers For Mama (Letra)
  119. Forever’s Here To Stay (Letra)
  120. Forgive Me Now (Letra)
  121. Fortune I’ve Gone Through (Letra)
  122. Four-O-Thirty-Three (Letra)
  123. From Here To The Door (Letra)
  124. From Strangers To Lovers To Friends (Letra)
  125. Frozen Heart (Letra)
  126. Funny How Time Slips Away (Letra)
  127. Garage Sale Today (Letra)
  128. Garage Sale Today (Tradução)
  129. George Jones (with Tammy Wynette) (Letra)
  130. Get Some Loving Done (Letra)
  131. Girl You Sure Know How To Say Goodbye (Letra)
  132. Glad To Let Her Go (Letra)
  133. Go Away With Me (Letra)
  134. God Keeps The Wild Flowers Blooming (Letra)
  135. God’s Gonna Get ‘Cha (For That) (Letra)
  136. Golden Ring (Letra)
  137. Good Hearted Woman (Letra)
  138. Good Ones And Bad Ones (Letra)
  139. Good Woman’s Love (Letra)
  140. Good Year For The Roses (Letra)
  141. Goodbye Joke (Letra)
  142. Great Divide (Letra)
  143. Green Grass Grows All Around (Letra)
  144. Green Green Grass of Home (Letra)
  145. Half Over You (Letra)
  146. Half Over You (Tradução)
  147. Hard Act To Follow (Letra)
  148. He Is My Everything (Letra)
  149. He Made Me Free (Letra)
  150. He Stopped Loving Her Today (Letra)
  151. He Stopped Loving Her Today (Tradução)
  152. Heartaches By The Number (Letra)
  153. Heartbreak Hotel (Letra)
  154. Heartbroken Me (Letra)
  155. Hearts In My Dream (Letra)
  156. Heckel And Jeckel (Letra)
  157. Hell Stays Open All Night Long (Letra)
  158. Hello Darlin’ (Letra)
  159. Hello Heart (Letra)
  160. Hello Trouble (come On In) (Letra)
  161. Her Name Is (Letra)
  162. Here In The Real World (Letra)
  163. Here We Are (Letra)
  164. Here We Are (with James Taylor) (Letra)
  165. High-Tech Redneck (Letra)
  166. His Loving Her Is Gettin’ In My Way (Letra)
  167. Hit And Run (Letra)
  168. Hold Everything (Letra)
  169. Holiday For Love (Letra)
  170. Home Sweet Home Revisited (Letra)
  171. Homecoming In Heaven (Letra)
  172. Honky Tonk Myself To Death (Letra)
  173. Honky Tonk Song (Letra)
  174. Hopelessly Yours (Letra)
  175. House Without Love (is Not A Home) (Letra)
  176. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (Letra)
  177. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (Tradução)
  178. How Much Rain Can One Man Stand (Letra)
  179. How Proud I Would Have Been (Letra)
  180. How Proud I Would Have Been (Tradução)
  181. Hundred Proof Memories (Letra)
  182. I Ain’t Got No Business Doin’ Business Today (Letra)
  183. I Always Get Lucky With You (Letra)
  184. I Can Live Forever (Letra)
  185. I Can Live Forever (Tradução)
  186. I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes (Letra)
  187. I Can Still See Him In Your Eyes (Tradução)
  188. I Can’t Change Overnight (Letra)
  189. I Can’t Find It Here (Letra)
  190. I Can’t Get Over What Lovin’ You Has Done (Letra)
  191. I Can’t Get Over You (Letra)
  192. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (Letra)
  193. I Don’t Go Back Anymore (Letra)
  194. I Don’t Hear You (Letra)
  195. I Don’t Love You Anymore (Letra)
  196. I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair (Letra)
  197. I Don’t Want No Stranger Sleepin’ In My Bed (Letra)
  198. I Dreamed My Baby Came Home (Letra)
  199. I Gave It All Up For You (Letra)
  200. I Get Lonely In A Hurry (Letra)
  201. I Gotta Get Drunk (Letra)
  202. I Gotta Get Drunk (with Willie Nelson) (Letra)
  203. I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep (Letra)
  204. I Just Don’t Give a Damn (Letra)
  205. I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Livin’ (Letra)
  206. I Know A Man Who Can (Letra)
  207. I Let You Go (Letra)
  208. I Love You Because (Letra)
  209. I Remember How Your Eyes Used To Light Up All The Promises That I Made (Letra)
  210. I Should’ve Called (Letra)
  211. I Sleep Just Like a Baby (Letra)
  212. I Sleep Just Like a Baby (Tradução)
  213. I Stayed Long Enough (Letra)
  214. I Still Hold Her Body (but I Think I’ve Lost Her Mind) – With Dr Hook (Letra)
  215. I Still Sing The Old Songs (Letra)
  216. I Take The Chance (Letra)
  217. I Threw Away The Rose (Letra)
  218. I Turn To You (Letra)
  219. I Walk The Line (Letra)
  220. I Want To Be Where You’re Gonna Be (Letra)
  221. I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool (Letra)
  222. I Woke Up From Dreaming (Letra)
  223. I Won’t Love You Anymore (Letra)
  224. I Won’t Need You Anymore (Letra)
  225. I Wonder How John Felt (when He Baptized Jesus) (Letra)
  226. I’d Jump The Mississippi (Letra)
  227. I’d Rather Die Young (Letra)
  228. I’d Rather Have What We Had (Letra)
  229. I’ll Be There (if You Ever Want Me) (Letra)
  230. I’ll Be There To Welcome You Home (Letra)
  231. I’ll Be There To Welcome You Home (Tradução)
  232. I’ll Come Back (Letra)
  233. I’ll Follow You Up To Our Cloud (Letra)
  234. I’ll Give You Something To Drink About (Letra)
  235. I’ll Just Take It Out In Love (Letra)
  236. I’ll Never Let Go Of You (Letra)
  237. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone (Letra)
  238. I’ll Share My World With You (Letra)
  239. I’m A One Woman Man (Letra)
  240. I’m A People (Letra)
  241. I’m All She’s Got (Letra)
  242. I’m Finally Over You (Letra)
  243. I’m Gonna Change Everything (Letra)
  244. I’m Just Blue Enough (Letra)
  245. I’m Not Ready Yet (Letra)
  246. I’m Ragged But I’m Right (Letra)
  247. I’m The One She Missed Him With Today (Letra)
  248. I’m Wasting Good Paper (Letra)
  249. I’ve Aged Twenty Years In Five (Letra)
  250. I’ve Been Known To Cry (Letra)
  251. I’ve Been Out A-Walkin’ (Letra)
  252. I’ve Got Five Dollars And It’s Saturday Night (Letra)
  253. I’ve Had Choices (Letra)
  254. I’ve Still Got Some Hurtin’ Left To Do (Letra)
  255. I’ve Turned You To Stone (Letra)
  256. I’ve Turned You To Stone (with Linda Ronstadt) (Letra)
  257. If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will) (Letra)
  258. If I Could Put Them All Together (Letra)
  259. If I Could Put Them All Together (Tradução)
  260. If I Don’t Love You (Letra)
  261. If I Don’t Love You (Tradução)
  262. If I Painted a Picture (Letra)
  263. If I Were (Letra)
  264. If Only You’d Love Me Again (Letra)
  265. If Only Your Eyes Could Lie (Letra)
  266. If You Believe (Letra)
  267. If You Could Touch Her At All (Letra)
  268. If You Don’t Somebody Else Will (Letra)
  269. If You Want Me To (Letra)
  270. If You’re Gonna Do Me Wrong (do It Right) (Letra)
  271. If You’ve Got The Money (i’ve Got The Time) (Letra)
  272. Image Of Me (Letra)
  273. In a Gospel Way (Letra)
  274. In Person (Letra)
  275. In The Garden (Letra)
  276. It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind (Letra)
  277. It Don’t Get Any Better Than This (Letra)
  278. It Is No Secret (what God Can Do) (Letra)
  279. It Scares Me Half To Death (Letra)
  280. It Sure Was Good (Letra)
  281. It’s a Sin (Letra)
  282. It’s Been A Beautiful Life (loving You) (Letra)
  283. It’s Been So Long Darling (Letra)
  284. It’s So Sweet (Letra)
  285. Jesus Hold My Hand (Letra)
  286. Jesus Saves Today (Letra)
  287. Joy To The World (Letra)
  288. Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Letra)
  289. Just a Girl I used to Know (Letra)
  290. Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Letra)
  291. Just One More (Letra)
  292. Just Out Of Reach (Letra)
  293. Just Someone I Used To Know (Letra)
  294. Just When (Letra)
  295. Kansas City (Letra)
  296. Keep The Change (Letra)
  297. King Of The Mountain (Letra)
  298. King Of The Road (Letra)
  299. Kiss An Angel Good Morning (Letra)
  300. Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus (Letra)
  301. Last One To Touch Me (Letra)
  302. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm (Letra)
  303. Leaning On The Everlasting Arm (Tradução)
  304. Learning To do Without Me (Letra)
  305. Least Of All (Letra)
  306. Let There Be a Woman (Letra)
  307. Let’s All Go Down To The River (Letra)
  308. Let’s Build A World Together (Letra)
  309. Let’s Invite Them Over (Letra)
  310. Life Turned Her That Way (Letra)
  311. Lily Of The Valley (Letra)
  312. Lonely Christmas Call (Letra)
  313. Lonely Street (Letra)
  314. Lonesome Old Town (Letra)
  315. Lonesome Valley (Letra)
  316. Long As We’re Dreaming (Letra)
  317. Looking Back To See (Letra)
  318. Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me (Letra)
  319. Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me (Tradução)
  320. Love Bug (Letra)
  321. Love Coming Down (Letra)
  322. Love In Your Eyes (Letra)
  323. Love Lives Again (Letra)
  324. Love’s Gonna Live Here (Letra)
  325. Lovebug, The (Letra)
  326. Lovin’ You Is Worth It (Letra)
  327. Made For The Blues (Letra)
  328. Magic Valley (Letra)
  329. Making The Rounds (Letra)
  330. Mama Was a Preacher Man (Letra)
  331. Mama’s Hands (Letra)
  332. Man I Always Wanted To Meet (Letra)
  333. Man Worth Lovin’ You (Letra)
  334. Mansion On The Hill (Letra)
  335. Matthew 24 (Letra)
  336. Maybelline (Letra)
  337. Me And Jesus (Letra)
  338. Mem’ryville (Letra)
  339. Memories (Letra)
  340. Memories Of Us (Letra)
  341. Memory Is a Flower (Letra)
  342. Memory Is a Flower (Tradução)
  343. Milwaukee Here I Come (Letra)
  344. Milwaukee Here I Come (Tradução)
  345. Mom And Dad’s Waltz (Letra)
  346. Multiply The Heartaches (Letra)
  347. My Baby’s Gone (Letra)
  348. My Elusive Dreams (Letra)
  349. My Favorite Lies (Letra)
  350. My Lord Has Called Me (Letra)
  351. My Loving Wife (Letra)
  352. My Tears Are Overdue (Letra)
  353. Mystery Train (Letra)
  354. Near You (Letra)
  355. Never Bit A Bullet Like This (Letra)
  356. Never Grow Cold (Letra)
  357. Never Having You (Letra)
  358. Night Life (Letra)
  359. Night Life (with Waylon Jennings) (Letra)
  360. Nighttime And My Baby (Letra)
  361. No Future For Me In Our Past (Letra)
  362. No Future For Me In Our Past (Tradução)
  363. No Use To Cry (Letra)
  364. Not Even Friends (Letra)
  365. Not What I Had In Mind (Letra)
  366. Not What I Had In Mind (Tradução)
  367. Nothing Ever Hurt Me (half As Bad As Losing You) (Letra)
  368. Number One (Letra)
  369. O Come All Ye Faithful (Letra)
  370. Oh Lonesome Me (Letra)
  371. Oh Shenandoah (Letra)
  372. Ol’ Frank (Letra)
  373. Ol’ George Stopped Drinkin’ Today (Letra)
  374. Ol’ King Kong (Letra)
  375. Old Brush Arbors (Letra)
  376. Old Fashioned Singing (Letra)
  377. Old Fashioned Singing (with Tammy Wynette) (Letra)
  378. Old, Old House (Letra)
  379. On Second Thought (Letra)
  380. On Second Thought (Tradução)
  381. On The Other Hand (Letra)
  382. Once A Day (Letra)
  383. Once More (Letra)
  384. Once You’ve Had The Best (Letra)
  385. One Is a Lonely Number (Letra)
  386. Our Bed Of Roses (Letra)
  387. Out Of Control (Letra)
  388. Over Something Good (Letra)
  389. Pass Me By (if You’re Only Passing Through) (Letra)
  390. Patches (Letra)
  391. Peace In The Valley (Letra)
  392. Perfect Match (Letra)
  393. Picture Of Me (without You) (Letra)
  394. Please Be My Love (Letra)
  395. Please Don’t Let That Woman Get Me (Letra)
  396. Poor Man’s Riches (Letra)
  397. Precious Memories (Letra)
  398. Proud Mary (Letra)
  399. Proud Mary (with Johnny Paycheck) (Letra)
  400. Radio Lover (Letra)
  401. Release Me (from Sin) (Letra)
  402. Relief Is Just A Swallow Away (Letra)
  403. Right Now I’d Come Back And Melt In Her Arms (Letra)
  404. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Letra)
  405. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Letra)
  406. Roly Poly (Letra)
  407. Rosie Bokay (Letra)
  408. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town (Letra)
  409. Run ‘Em Off (Letra)
  410. Same Old Me (Letra)
  411. Same Ole Me (Letra)
  412. San Antonio Rose (Letra)
  413. Satisfied Mind (Letra)
  414. Say It’s Not You (Letra)
  415. Searching (Letra)
  416. Seasons Of My Heart (Letra)
  417. Second Handed Flowers (Letra)
  418. Second Time Around (Letra)
  419. Second Time Around (Tradução)
  420. She Knows What She’s Crying About (Letra)
  421. She Loves Me (right Out Of My Mind) (Letra)
  422. She Needs Me (Letra)
  423. She Once Lived Here (Letra)
  424. She Once Made a Romeo Cry (Letra)
  425. She Should Belong To Me (Letra)
  426. She Thinks I Still Care (Letra)
  427. She Told Me So (Letra)
  428. She’ll Love The One She’s With (Letra)
  430. She’s Lonesome Again (Letra)
  431. She’s Mine (Letra)
  432. She’s My Mother (Letra)
  433. She’s My Rock (Letra)
  434. Shine On (shine All Your Sweet Love On Me) (Letra)
  435. Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight (Letra)
  436. Shoulder To Shoulder (Letra)
  437. Silent Partners (Letra)
  438. Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight (Letra)
  439. Simply Divine (Letra)
  440. Six Days On The Road (Letra)
  441. Skip A Rope (Letra)
  442. Slow Burning Fire (Letra)
  443. Softly And Tenderly (Letra)
  444. Soldier’s Last Letter (Letra)
  445. Somebody Wants Me Out Of The Way (Letra)
  446. Someday My Day Will Come (Letra)
  447. Someone’s Watching Over You (Letra)
  448. Something To Brag About (Letra)
  449. Southern California (Letra)
  450. Sparkling Brown Eyes (Letra)
  451. St. Louis Blues (Letra)
  452. Stand On My Own Two Knees (Letra)
  453. Steel Guitar Rag (Letra)
  454. Still Doin’ Time (Letra)
  455. Still Doing Time (Letra)
  456. Stranger In The House (with Elvis Costello) (Letra)
  457. Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last (Letra)
  458. Sweet Dreams (Letra)
  459. Sweet Thang (Letra)
  460. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Letra)
  461. Take Me (Letra)
  462. Take Me As I Am (or Let Me Go) (Letra)
  463. Take Me Back To Tulsa (Letra)
  464. Take Me To Your World (Letra)
  465. Take The Devil Out Of Me (Letra)
  466. Take The World But Give Me Jesus (Letra)
  467. Take These Chains From My Heart (Letra)
  468. Talk Back Trembling Lips (Letra)
  469. Talk To Me Lonesome Heart (Letra)
  470. Tear Me Out Of The Picture (Letra)
  471. Tender Years (Letra)
  472. Tennessee Whiskey (Letra)
  473. Tennessee Whiskey (Tradução)
  474. That Heart Belongs To Me (Letra)
  475. That’s All It Took (Letra)
  476. That’s Good That’s Bad (With Lacy J. Dalton) (Letra)
  477. The Bird (Letra)
  478. The Blues Man (Letra)
  479. The Ceremony (Letra)
  480. The Cold Hard Truth (Letra)
  481. The Ghost Of Another Man (Letra)
  482. The Grand Tour (Letra)
  483. The King is Gone (So Are You) (Letra)
  484. The Last Town I Painted (Letra)
  485. The Lone Ranger (Letra)
  486. The Lonely Know My Secret (Letra)
  487. The Man That You Once Knew (Letra)
  488. The One I Loved Back Then (Letra)
  489. The Race Is On (Letra)
  490. The Right Left Hand (Letra)
  491. The Same Sweet Girl (Letra)
  492. The World Of Forgotten People (Letra)
  493. The World’s Worse Loser (Letra)
  494. There Goes My Everything (Letra)
  495. There’s A Friend In The Way (Letra)
  496. There’s Power In Our Love (Letra)
  497. There’s The Door (Letra)
  498. These Hands (Letra)
  499. These Old Eyes Have Seen It All (Letra)
  500. Things Have Gone to Pieces (Letra)
  501. Three’s A Crowd (Letra)
  502. Tied To A Stone (Letra)
  503. Till I Hear It From You (Letra)
  504. Time Changes Everything (Letra)
  505. Time Lock (Letra)
  506. To Live On Love (Letra)
  507. Today I Started Loving You Again (Letra)
  508. Together Alone (Letra)
  509. Tomorrow Never Comes (Letra)
  510. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Letra)
  511. Too Cold At Home (Letra)
  512. Treasure Of Love (Letra)
  513. Trouble In Mind (Letra)
  514. Two Story House (Letra)
  515. Until Then (Letra)
  516. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus (Letra)
  517. Walk Through This World With Me (Letra)
  518. Walls Can Fall (Letra)
  519. Waltz Of The Angels (Letra)
  520. Warm Red Wine (Letra)
  521. Wasted Words (Letra)
  522. We Believe In Each Other (Letra)
  523. We Could (Letra)
  524. We Didn’t See A Thing (Letra)
  525. We Found a Match (Letra)
  526. We Go Together (Letra)
  527. We Love To Sing About Jesus (Letra)
  528. We Loved It Away (Letra)
  529. We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (Letra)
  530. We’re Gonna Hold On (Letra)
  531. Wean Me (Letra)
  532. Wearing My Heart Away (Letra)
  533. Wedding Bells (Letra)
  534. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Letra)
  535. What a Woman Can’t do (Letra)
  536. What Am I Doing There (Letra)
  537. What Am I Worth (Letra)
  538. What I do Best (Letra)
  539. What My Woman Can’t do Can’t Be Done (Letra)
  540. What’s In Our Hearts (Letra)
  541. What’s Your Mama’s Name Child (Letra)
  542. Whatcha Gonna Do (Letra)
  543. When Jesus Takes His Children Home (Letra)
  544. When Mama Song (the Angels Stopped To Listen) (Letra)
  545. When The Grass Grows Over Me (Letra)
  546. When True Love Steps In (Letra)
  547. When Two Worlds Collide (Letra)
  548. When Your House Is Not A Home (Letra)
  549. When Your Phone Don’t Ring (Letra)
  550. Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Letra)
  551. Where Does A Little Tear Come From (Letra)
  552. Where Grass Won’t Grow (Letra)
  553. Where Grass Won’t Grow (with Dolly Parton) (Letra)
  554. White Lightnin’ (Letra)
  555. White Lightning (Letra)
  556. Who Shot Sam (Letra)
  557. Who Will I Be Loving Now (Letra)
  558. Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes (Letra)
  559. Why Baby Why (Letra)
  560. Why Me (Letra)
  561. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Letra)
  562. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (with Staples) (Letra)
  563. Will You Visit Me On Sundays (Letra)
  564. Window Up Above (Letra)
  565. Window Up Above, The (Letra)
  566. Wine (you’ve Used Me Long Enough) (Letra)
  567. Wine Colored Roses (Letra)
  568. Wings Of A Dove (Letra)
  569. Wino The Clown (Letra)
  570. Wood And Wire (Letra)
  571. Worried Mind (Letra)
  572. Wrapped Around Her Finger (Letra)
  573. Writing On The Wall (Letra)
  574. Wrong’s What I Do Best (Letra)
  575. Yearning (to Kiss You) (Letra)
  576. Yes I Know Why (I Want To Cry) (Letra)
  577. Yesterday’s Wine (Letra)
  578. You Always Look Your Best (Letra)
  579. You And Me Together (Letra)
  580. You Better Move On (Letra)
  581. You Can Have Her (Letra)
  582. You Couldn’t Get The Picture (Letra)
  583. You Done Me Wrong (Letra)
  584. You Gotta Be My Baby (Letra)
  585. You Must Have Walked Across My Mind Again (Letra)
  586. You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine (Letra)
  587. You Win Again (Letra)
  588. You’ll Never Grow Old (to Me) (Letra)
  589. You’re Everything (Letra)
  590. You’re Gonna Change (or I’m Gonna Leave) (Letra)
  591. You’re In My Heart (Letra)
  592. You’re Still On My Mind (Letra)
  593. You’re The Best Living (Letra)
  594. You’ve Become My Everything (Letra)
  595. You’ve Got A Friend In Me (com Kathy Mattea) (Letra)
  596. You’ve Still Got a Place In My Heart (Letra)
  597. Your Cheatin’ Heart (Letra)
  598. Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was on the Right) (Letra)
  599. Your Lying Blue Eyes (Letra)
  600. Your Old Standby (Letra)