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Carole King - Letras de Musicas

  1. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Tradução)
  2. Hard Rock Cafe (Letra)
  3. Home Again (Tradução)
  4. It's Too Late (Tradução)
  5. My Simple Humble Neighborhood (Letra)
  6. Blossom (Tradução)
  7. Dancin' With Tears In My Eye (Letra)
  8. Sweet Baby James (Tradução)
  9. To Love (Letra)
  10. You've Got A Friend (Letra)
  11. Now And Forever (Tradução)
  12. Country Road (Tradução)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (Love Is Like A) Boomerang (Letra)
  2. (Love Is Like A) Boomerang (Tradução)
  3. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Letra)
  4. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Tradução)
  5. A Fine Way To Go (Letra)
  6. A Man Without A Dream (Letra)
  7. A Man Without A Dream (Tradução)
  8. A Natural Woman (Letra)
  9. A Night This Side Of Dying (Letra)
  10. A Quiet Place To Live (Letra)
  11. A Quiet Place To Live (Tradução)
  12. A Road To Nowhere (Letra)
  13. After All This Time (Letra)
  14. Ain't That The Way (Letra)
  15. Alabaster Lady (Letra)
  16. All My Time (Letra)
  17. All My Time (Tradução)
  18. Alligators All Around (Letra)
  19. Ambrosia (Letra)
  20. An Uncommon Love (Letra)
  21. Anyone At All (Letra)
  22. Anyone At All (Tradução)
  23. At The Club (Letra)
  24. At This Time In My Life (Letra)
  25. Avenue P (Letra)
  26. Back To California (Letra)
  27. Be-bop-a-lula (Letra)
  28. Be-bop-a-lula (Tradução)
  29. Beautiful (Letra)
  30. Beautiful (Tradução)
  31. Been To Canaan (Letra)
  32. Being At War With Each Other (Letra)
  33. Believe In Humanity (Letra)
  34. Believe In Humanity (Tradução)
  35. Birthday Song (Letra)
  36. Birthday Song (Tradução)
  37. Bitter With The Sweet (Letra)
  38. Blossom (Letra)
  39. Blossom (Tradução)
  40. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Letra)
  41. Brighter (Letra)
  42. Brother Brother (Letra)
  43. Can't You Be Real (Letra)
  44. Can't You Be Real (Tradução)
  45. Carol Of The Bells (Letra)
  46. Carol Of The Bells (Tradução)
  47. Carolina In My Mind (Letra)
  48. Carolina In My Mind (Tradução)
  49. Carry Your Load (Letra)
  50. Chains (Letra)
  51. Chalice Borealis (Letra)
  52. Change In Mind, Change Of Heart (Letra)
  53. Chicken Soup With Rice (Letra)
  54. Child Of Mine (Letra)
  55. Christmas In The Air (Letra)
  56. Christmas In The Air (Tradução)
  57. Christmas Paradise (Letra)
  58. City Streets (Letra)
  59. Colour Of Your Dreams (Letra)
  60. Come Down Easy (Letra)
  61. Computer Eyes (Letra)
  62. Corazon (Letra)
  63. Corazon (Tradução)
  64. Country Road (Letra)
  65. Country Road (Tradução)
  66. Crazy (Letra)
  67. Crazy (Tradução)
  68. Crying In The Rain (Letra)
  69. Crying In The Rain (Tradução)
  70. Dancin' With Tears In My Eye (Letra)
  71. Dancin' With Tears In My Eyes (Letra)
  72. Dancing (Letra)
  73. Daughter Of Light (Letra)
  74. Daughter Of Light (Tradução)
  75. Directions (Letra)
  76. Disco Tech (Letra)
  77. Do You Feel Love (Letra)
  78. Do You Hear What I Hear (Letra)
  79. Do You Hear What I Hear (Tradução)
  80. Down To The Darkness (Letra)
  81. Dreamlike I Wander (Letra)
  82. Eagle (Letra)
  83. Eventually (Letra)
  84. Every Breath I Take (Letra)
  85. Every Breath I Take (Tradução)
  86. Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday (Letra)
  87. Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday (Tradução)
  88. Fantasy Beginning (Letra)
  89. Fantasy End (Letra)
  90. Feeling Sad Tonight (Letra)
  91. Fergusen Road (Letra)
  92. First Day In August (Letra)
  93. Friday's Tye-Dye Nightmare (Letra)
  94. Go Away Little Girl (Letra)
  95. Goat Annie (Letra)
  96. God Only Knows (Letra)
  97. Goin' Back (Letra)
  98. Golden Man (Letra)
  99. Good Mountain People (Letra)
  100. Goodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone (Letra)
  101. Gotta Get Through Another Day (Letra)
  102. Growing Away From Me (Letra)
  103. Hard Rock Cafe (Letra)
  104. Hard Rock Cafe (Tradução)
  105. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Letra)
  106. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Tradução)
  107. Haywood (Letra)
  108. He's A Bad Boy (Letra)
  109. Hey Girl (Letra)
  110. Hi-de-ho (Letra)
  111. Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll) (Letra)
  112. High Out Of Time (Letra)
  113. Hold Out For Love (Letra)
  114. Home Again (Letra)
  115. Home Again (Tradução)
  116. Homeless Heart (Letra)
  117. I Can't Hear You No More (Letra)
  118. I Can't Stop Thinking About You (Letra)
  119. I Don't Believe It (Letra)
  120. I Don't Know (Letra)
  121. I Feel The Earth Move (Letra)
  122. I Feel The Earth Move (Tradução)
  123. I Think I Can Hear You (Letra)
  124. I Wasn't Gonna Fall In Love (Letra)
  125. I'd Like To Know You Better (Letra)
  126. I'm Into Something Good (Letra)
  127. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Letra)
  128. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Tradução)
  129. In The Name Of Love (Letra)
  130. It Could Have Been Anyone (Letra)
  131. It Might As Well Rain Until September (Letra)
  132. It Might As Well Rain Until September (Tradução)
  133. It's A War (Letra)
  134. It's Going To Take Some Time (Letra)
  135. It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Letra)
  136. It's Never Too Late (Letra)
  137. It's Too Late (Letra)
  138. It's Too Late (Tradução)
  139. I´d Like To Know You Better (Letra)
  140. Jazzman (Letra)
  141. Jazzman (Tradução)
  142. Just Once In My Life (Letra)
  143. Just Once In My Life (Tradução)
  144. Just One Thing (Letra)
  145. Labyrinth (Letra)
  146. Lady (Letra)
  147. Lay Down My Life (Letra)
  148. Legacy (Letra)
  149. Life Without Love (Letra)
  150. Like Little Children (Letra)
  151. Like Little Children (Tradução)
  152. Little Prince (Letra)
  153. Little Prince (Tradução)
  154. Locomotion (Letra)
  155. Lookin' Out For Number One (Letra)
  156. Love For Christmas (Letra)
  157. Love For The Last Time (Letra)
  158. Love Light (Letra)
  159. Love Makes The World (Letra)
  160. Lovelight (Letra)
  161. Loving You Forever (Letra)
  162. Loving You Forever (Tradução)
  163. Machine Gun Kelly (Letra)
  164. Machine Gun Kelly (Tradução)
  165. Main Street Saturday Night (Letra)
  166. Midnight Flyer (Letra)
  167. Monday Without You (Letra)
  168. Monday Without You (Tradução)
  169. Morning Sun (Letra)
  170. Move Lightly (Letra)
  171. Music (Letra)
  172. My Favorite Things (Letra)
  173. My Favorite Things (Tradução)
  174. My Lovin' Eyes (Letra)
  175. My My She Cries (Letra)
  176. My Simple Humble Neighborhood (Letra)
  177. New Year's Day (Letra)
  178. New Year's Day (Tradução)
  179. Nightingale (Letra)
  180. No Easy Way Down (Letra)
  181. Now And Forever (Letra)
  182. Now And Forever (Tradução)
  183. Now That Everything's Been Said (Letra)
  184. Oh No Not My Baby (Letra)
  185. Oh! Carol (Letra)
  186. Oh! Carol (Tradução)
  187. One Fine Day (Letra)
  188. One Fine Day (Tradução)
  189. One Small Voice (Letra)
  190. One To One (Letra)
  191. One Was Johnny (Letra)
  192. Only Love Is Real (Letra)
  193. Out in the Cold (Letra)
  194. Paradise Alley (Letra)
  195. Passing Of The Days (Letra)
  196. Peace In The Valley (Letra)
  197. Pierre (Letra)
  198. Pleasant Valley Sunday (Letra)
  199. Pocket Money (Letra)
  200. Raspberry Jam (Letra)
  201. Read Between The Lines (Letra)
  202. Really Rosie (Letra)
  203. Ride The Music (Letra)
  204. Sacred Heart Of Stone (Letra)
  205. Safe Again (Letra)
  206. Screaming And Yelling (Letra)
  207. Seeing Red (Letra)
  208. Simple Things (Letra)
  209. Sleigh Ride (Letra)
  210. Sleigh Ride (Tradução)
  211. Smackwater Jack (Letra)
  212. Snow Queen (Letra)
  213. So Far Away (Letra)
  214. So Far Away (Tradução)
  215. So Goes Love (Letra)
  216. So Goes Love (Tradução)
  217. So Many Ways (Letra)
  218. So Ready for Love (Letra)
  219. Some Kind Of Wonderful (Letra)
  220. Someone Who Believes in You (Letra)
  221. Someone Who Believes in You (Tradução)
  222. Someone You Never Met Before (Letra)
  223. Something In The Way She Moves (Letra)
  224. Something In The Way She Moves (Tradução)
  225. Song Of Long Ago (Letra)
  226. Spaceship Races (Letra)
  227. Speeding Time (Letra)
  228. Stand Behind Me (Letra)
  229. Standin' On The Borderline (Letra)
  230. Standing In The Rain (Letra)
  231. Still Here Thinking Of You (Letra)
  232. Such Sufferin' (Letra)
  233. Sunbird (Letra)
  234. Sunbird (Tradução)
  235. Surely (Letra)
  236. Sweet Adonis (Letra)
  237. Sweet Baby James (Letra)
  238. Sweet Baby James (Tradução)
  239. Sweet Life (Letra)
  240. Sweet Seasons (Letra)
  241. Sweet Sweetheart (Letra)
  242. Take Good Care Of My Baby (Letra)
  243. Tapestry (Letra)
  244. Tapestry (Tradução)
  245. Tears Falling Down On Me (Letra)
  246. That's How Things Go Down (Letra)
  247. The Awful Truth (Letra)
  248. The Ballad of Chicken Soup (Letra)
  249. The Best Is Yet to Come (Letra)
  250. The First Day In August (Letra)
  251. The Loco-Motion (Letra)
  252. The Reason (Letra)
  253. The Reason (Tradução)
  254. The Sound Of Your Name (Ton Nom) (Letra)
  255. There (Letra)
  256. There's A Space Between Us (Letra)
  257. This Christmas (Letra)
  258. This Christmas (Tradução)
  259. This Time (Letra)
  260. Time Alone (Letra)
  261. Time Gone By (Letra)
  262. To Love (Letra)
  263. Ton Nom (Letra)
  264. Ton Nom (Tradução)
  265. Too Much Rain (Letra)
  266. Up On The Roof (Letra)
  267. Venusian Diamond (Letra)
  268. Victim Of Circumstance (Letra)
  269. Walk With Me (I'll Be Your Companion) (Letra)
  270. Wasn't Born To Follow (Letra)
  271. Wasn´t Born To Follow (Letra)
  272. Way Over Yonder (Letra)
  273. We All Have To Be Alone (Letra)
  274. We Are All In This Together (Letra)
  275. Weekdays (Letra)
  276. Welcome Home (Letra)
  277. Welcome To My Living Room (Letra)
  278. Welfare Symphony (Letra)
  279. What Have You Got To Lose (Letra)
  280. Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls) (Letra)
  281. Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls) (Tradução)
  282. Where You Lead (Letra)
  283. Why Are You Leaving (Letra)
  284. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Letra)
  285. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Tradução)
  286. Will You Till Love Me Tomorrow (Letra)
  287. Wings Of Love (Letra)
  288. Wishful Thinking (Letra)
  289. Wrap Around Joy (Letra)
  290. You Can Close Your Eyes (Letra)
  291. You Can Close Your Eyes (Tradução)
  292. You Can Do Anything (Letra)
  293. You Gentle Me (Letra)
  294. You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine (Letra)
  295. You Light Up My Life (Letra)
  296. You Still Want Her (Letra)
  297. You Will Find Me There (Letra)
  298. You're So Vain (Letra)
  299. You're Something New (Letra)
  300. You're The One Who Knows (Letra)
  301. You've Been Around Too Long (Letra)
  302. You've Got A Friend (Letra)
  303. You've Got A Friend (Tradução)
  304. Yours Until Tomorrow (Letra)
  305. Yours Until Tomorrow (Tradução)