Wetter Freestyle (Letra)

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Wetter Freestyle (Letra) - Bow Wow

You now rolling with bow weezy baby,
But tonight you can call me shad mose (yeah!)
You know I had to do it for the ladies.

I got a body trembling, love it when I’m licking it and sticking it.
She like to do it with the lights off, don’t I get you wet while I’m kissing your neck.
No time for games go head girl, take your clothes off.
Beat it from the back while I’m gripping your waist.
Pulling on your hair, tell me girl how you like it.
And when I put it in your mouth swallow it with whole, you like cake right?
Well taste my icing, we can fuck on the beach so everbody can see.
If that’s the kinda freaky shit that you into,
And the track so sexy you got me feeling horny I can fuck you to this instrumental
I got you wet don’t I, you don’t mind me with other chicks as long as I give her the dick.
And I’m a dog, I’m bow wow so we do it doggy style that always make her cum quick.
Listen and my girl ain’t colder and she a little bit older.
Give head like a pornstar, and she make my thang salute like a solider.
Give it to me now, damn girl you the best that it is.
You got me feening like a crack addict, should of napped out but she can’t get enough.
She roll it like a blunt, and then we get right back at it.
Naa talking about? Real thick, itty bitty waist.
Open up wide, how good did it taste? ooooh, girl you so nasty.
She want me to (UH!) all over her face, like (HA HA UH!)

Damn, see see you know I’m nasty.
You know I’m nasty, she know I’m nasty [x4]
Naa talking about? And you know why [x2]
Now do it for the ladies baby.
Bow, bow weezy! 09.
I ain’t gon talk no more shit to em.

I’ll spit the rest of the game to you later baby.

How bout a little foreplay, or maybe you can roleplay.
Let me ease yo’ stress, ooooh cause I can tell you been working all day.
I wanna eat you like a buffet, baby you can have it your way.
Whips, Chains, Handcuffs… I know you like it rough and I ain’t talking about
The car, and babygirl when I say I got a mag-a-num!
Bad chicks I’m bagging it, bedroom time I’m smashing them.
And I might be short but you know what they say “big thangs you know baby come in
Small packages”
Turn around let me smack that, naww turn around let me tap that.
Babygirl let me tap that.

You know what time it is, let me holla at em.

Now do it for the ladies baby.
And I’m live from a mothafucking u-stream.
U-stream live, man hit me up 644-3606 dade baby that’s the number get at me.

Wetter Freestyle (Letra) - Bow Wow