In My City (Letra)

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In My City (Letra) - Bow Wow

Talking…. this for my city baby…. columbus… i told’em…. YAYYYYA.! always… tellem YAYYYA we made it… i told yalll this album was gone b a classic. Okay!!

Verse: told them i’ll blow but they thought the kid was dreamin.
tryna put my c.d. on like Bone did for clevland. Cap city saver.. my city so major. aint talking bout the group but imma ohio player..Rinles Brige High thats were it started at… had my first fist fight.. i was startin runnin back.. Used to skip sckool.. dairy queen is were we kicked it at… holler.n at the girlys.. askin them were the digits at! 614 all day thats were you’d find me.
how can i loose i got my city rite b-hind me.. im so ohio you can c it on my i.d. ohio d.n.a you can check my i.v….
Yea… this for my city baby.
we made it
a.. wat up shizz.. i c u.. and too my momma..uhh. yahhha.. power 107.5 wat it do.. kay here we go..
Verse: we been waitin for this moment for so long. luv my city so much its tatted on my fore- arm.. and i remember wen we lived by the best buy… and who you known more famous then the buck-eyes.. 18th street ya thats my grand-momma crib… if snoop neva found me ownda how my life would’ve been. ah shit you remember shizz… laundry room.. tryna get it on at chely’s crib. swear to god man them days used to b the best. gettin fresh just to get girls at the rib- feast! Prince of the o-town got it tatted on my chest. C-O-L-U-M-B-U-S


vERSE: get my shop on… hit east-lin times change now.. times changed now we shop at eastin… who woulda thought that i would sell out nation wide i was just a lil boy from the east side… Balnet recreations were i balled at… stay true to my city… ya believe dat.. this was the city that i met my first love at.. n given bakk to my community ya they love that.. this was bakk before i even had a contract.. in my notebook is were i kept my rhymes at.. yahhh look at me now imma big dogg/… couldnt lie.. i could’ve done it wit out yall..


In My City (Letra) - Bow Wow