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Bette Midler - Letras de Musicas

  1. You Don’t Own Me (Tradução)
  2. Gift of Love (Letra)
  3. He’s Sure The Boy I Love (Tradução)
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings (Tradução)
  5. When A Man Loves A Woman (Letra)
  6. One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (Letra)
  7. Birds (Letra)
  8. When A Man Loves A Woman (Tradução)
  9. One More Round (Letra)
  10. Chapel Of Love (Letra)
  11. All of a Sudden (Letra)
  12. Sold my soul to Rock and Roll (Letra)
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Letras de A à Z

  1. (Talk To Me Of) Mendocino (Letra)
  2. (Talk To Me Of) Mendocino (Tradução)
  3. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Letra)
  4. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Letra)
  5. Alabama Song (Letra)
  6. Alabama Song (Tradução)
  7. All I Need to Know (Letra)
  8. All of a Sudden (Letra)
  9. Alright, Okay, You Win (Letra)
  10. Am I Blue (Letra)
  11. As Dreams Go By (Letra)
  12. Baby It’s You (Letra)
  13. Baby It’s You (Tradução)
  14. Baby June And Her Newsboys (Letra)
  15. Baby Mine (Letra)
  16. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Letra)
  17. Bang your Dead! (Letra)
  18. Bang, You’re Dead (Letra)
  19. Be My Baby (Letra)
  20. Be My Baby (Tradução)
  21. Beast of Burden (Letra)
  22. Bed of Roses (Letra)
  23. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Letra)
  24. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Tradução)
  25. Big Noise from Winnetka (Letra)
  26. Big Socks (Letra)
  27. Big Spender (Letra)
  28. Big Spender (Tradução)
  29. Billy-A-Dick (Letra)
  30. Birds (Letra)
  31. Bless You Child (Letra)
  32. Blueberry Pie (Letra)
  33. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Letra)
  34. Bottomless (Letra)
  35. Boxing (Letra)
  36. Breaking Up Somebody’s Home (Letra)
  37. Buckets of Rain (Letra)
  38. Buckets of Rain (With Bob Dylan) (Letra)
  39. Chapel Of Love (Letra)
  40. Color of Roses (Letra)
  41. Come Back Jimmy Dean (Letra)
  42. Come On-A My House (Letra)
  43. Come Rain or Come Shine (Letra)
  44. Come rain or shine (Letra)
  45. Cool Yule (Letra)
  46. Cradle Days (Letra)
  47. Daytime Hustler (Letra)
  48. Delta Dawn (Letra)
  49. Delta Dawn (Tradução)
  50. Dixie’s dream (Letra)
  51. Do You Want To Dance (Letra)
  52. Do You Want To Dance (Tradução)
  53. Dreamland (Letra)
  54. Drinking Again (Letra)
  55. E Street Shuffle (Letra)
  56. Empty Bed Blues (Letra)
  57. Every Road Leads Back to You (Letra)
  58. Every Road Leads Back to You (Tradução)
  59. Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Letra)
  60. Fat As I Am (Letra)
  61. Favorite waste of time (Letra)
  62. Fever (Letra)
  63. Fire Down Below (Letra)
  64. For All We Know (Letra)
  65. Fried Eggs(spoken word)/Hello in there (Letra)
  66. Friends (Letra)
  67. Friends (side 2, Cut 1) (Letra)
  68. Friends (side 2, Cut 6) (Letra)
  69. Friends – Oh My MY! (Letra)
  70. Friends -alternate (Letra)
  71. From A Distance (Letra)
  72. From A Distance (Tradução)
  73. Gift of Love (Letra)
  74. God Give Me Strength (Letra)
  75. God Help the Outcasts (Letra)
  76. Hang on in There Baby (Letra)
  77. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe (Letra)
  78. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Letra)
  79. He Needs Me (Letra)
  80. He was too good to me/Since you stayed here (Letra)
  81. He’s A Tramp (Letra)
  82. He’s Sure The Boy I Love (Letra)
  83. He’s Sure The Boy I Love (Tradução)
  84. Heart Over Head (Letra)
  85. Heaven (Letra)
  86. Hello In There (Letra)
  87. Hey There (Letra)
  88. Higher and Higher (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) (Letra)
  89. Hurricane (Letra)
  90. Hurry On Down (Letra)
  91. I Believe in You (Letra)
  92. I Don’t Want the Night to End (Letra)
  93. I Know This Town (Letra)
  94. I Know You By Heart (Letra)
  95. I Love Being Here With You (Letra)
  96. I Never Talk to Strangers (Letra)
  97. I Put A Spell On You (Letra)
  98. I Put A Spell On You (Tradução)
  99. I remember you (Letra)
  100. I remember you/ Dixie’s dream (Letra)
  101. I Remember You/Dixie’s Dream (Letra)
  102. I Shall Be Released (Letra)
  103. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman (Letra)
  104. I Think Its Going To Rain Today (Letra)
  105. I Think Its Going To Rain Today (Tradução)
  106. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Letra)
  107. I’m A Woman (Letra)
  108. I’m Beautiful (Letra)
  109. I’m Hip (Letra)
  110. I’m Singing Broadway (Letra)
  111. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Letra)
  112. I’ve Still Got My Health (Letra)
  113. I’ve Still Got My Health (Tradução)
  114. In My Life (Letra)
  115. In My Life (Tradução)
  116. In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening (Letra)
  117. In the Mood (Letra)
  118. In These Shoes (Letra)
  119. In This Life (Letra)
  120. Is It Love (Letra)
  121. Is That All There Is? (Letra)
  122. It’s Too Late (Letra)
  123. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Letra)
  124. Keep On Rockin (Letra)
  125. La Vie en Rose (Letra)
  126. Laughing Matters (Letra)
  127. Leader of the Pack (Letra)
  128. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Letra)
  129. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Letra)
  130. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Tradução)
  131. Let Me Drive (Letra)
  132. Let Me Just Follow Behind (Letra)
  133. Long John Blues (Letra)
  134. Love me with a feeling (Letra)
  135. Love Me With Feeling (Letra)
  136. Love Says It’s Waiting (Letra)
  137. Love TKO (Letra)
  138. Lullaby in Blue (Letra)
  139. Lullaby of Broadway (Letra)
  140. Make Yourself Comfortable (Letra)
  141. Mambo Italiano (Letra)
  142. Manhattan (Letra)
  143. Manhattan (Tradução)
  144. Marahuana (Letra)
  145. Marajuana (Letra)
  146. Married Men (Letra)
  147. Mele Kalikimaka (Letra)
  148. Memories of You (Letra)
  149. Merry Christmas (Letra)
  150. Midnight in Memphis (Letra)
  151. Millworker (Letra)
  152. Milworker (Letra)
  153. Miss Otis Regrets (Letra)
  154. Moonlight Dancing (Letra)
  155. Moses (Letra)
  156. Mr. Goldstone (Letra)
  157. Mr. Rockefeller (Letra)
  158. Mr. Sandman (Letra)
  159. Mr. Sandman (Tradução)
  160. Mr. Wonderful (Letra)
  161. My Eye on You (Letra)
  162. My Favorite Waste Of Time (Letra)
  163. My Knight in Black Leather (Letra)
  164. My Mother’s Eyes (Letra)
  165. My One True Friend (Letra)
  166. My One True Friend (Tradução)
  167. Nanette (Letra)
  168. Night and Day (Letra)
  169. No Jestering (Letra)
  170. Nobody Else But You (Letra)
  171. O Come, O Come, Emanuel (Letra)
  172. Oh Industry (Letra)
  173. Oh My My (Letra)
  174. Old Cape Cod (Letra)
  175. On a Slow Boat to China (Letra)
  176. One Fine Day (Letra)
  177. One Fine Day (Tradução)
  178. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) (Letra)
  179. One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (Letra)
  180. One More Round (Letra)
  181. Only in Miami (Letra)
  182. Optimistic Voices / Lullaby of Broadway (Letra)
  183. Optimistic Voices/Lullaby of Broadway (Letra)
  184. Otto Titsling (Letra)
  185. Otto Tittsling (Letra)
  186. P.S. I Love You (Letra)
  187. Paradise (Letra)
  188. Perfect Isn’t Easy (Letra)
  189. Rain (Letra)
  190. Ready To Begin Again (Letra)
  191. Red (Letra)
  192. Rose’s Turn (Letra)
  193. Say Goodbye to Hollywood (Letra)
  194. Shining Star (Letra)
  195. Shiver Me Timbers (Letra)
  196. Shiver Me Timbers/Samedi Et Vendredi (Letra)
  197. Since You Stayed Here (Letra)
  198. Sisters (Letra)
  199. Skylark (Letra)
  200. Small World (feat. Peter Reigert) (Letra)
  201. Small World (Letra)
  202. Soda and a Souvenir (Letra)
  203. Sold My Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll (Letra)
  204. Sold my soul to Rock and Roll (Letra)
  205. Some People (Letra)
  206. Some People’s Lives (Letra)
  207. Somewhere Along the Way (Letra)
  208. Somewhere in My Memory (Letra)
  209. Song of Bernadette (Letra)
  210. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Letra)
  211. Stay With Me (Letra)
  212. Storybook Children (Letra)
  213. Strangers in the Night (Letra)
  214. Stuff Like That There (Letra)
  215. Summer ( The First Time ) (Letra)
  216. Summer (Letra)
  217. Superstar (Letra)
  218. Surabaya Johnny (Letra)
  219. Tell Him (Letra)
  220. Tell Him (Tradução)
  221. Tenderly (Letra)
  222. That’s How Heartaches Are Made (Letra)
  223. That’s How Love Moves (Letra)
  224. The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Letra)
  225. The Gift of Love (Letra)
  226. The Girl Is on to You (Letra)
  227. The Girl is one to you (Letra)
  228. The Glory Of Love (Letra)
  229. The Glory Of Love (Tradução)
  230. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Letra)
  231. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Tradução)
  232. The Last Time (Letra)
  233. The Perfect Kiss (Letra)
  234. The Rose (Letra)
  235. The Rose (Tradução)
  236. This Ole House (Letra)
  237. To Comfort You (Letra)
  238. To Deserve You (Letra)
  239. To Deserve You (Tradução)
  240. Together, Wherever We Go (feat. Peter Reigert and Cynthia Gibb) (Letra)
  241. Together, Wherever we go (Letra)
  242. Too Many Fish In The Sea (Letra)
  243. Too Many Fish In The Sea (Tradução)
  244. Tragedy (Letra)
  245. Twisted (Letra)
  246. Ukulele Lady (Letra)
  247. Under The Boardwalk (Letra)
  248. Up The Ladder To The Roof (Letra)
  249. Up! Up! Up! (Letra)
  250. Uptown/Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad (About My Baby)/Da Do (Letra)
  251. Uptown/Don’t say nothing bad about my baby/ – Doo run run (Letra)
  252. Waterfalls (Letra)
  253. Waterfalls (Tradução)
  254. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (Letra)
  255. When A Man Loves A Woman (Letra)
  256. When A Man Loves A Woman (Tradução)
  257. When Your Life Was Low (Letra)
  258. White Christmas (Letra)
  259. Whose Side Are You On (Letra)
  260. Wind Beneath My Wings (Letra)
  261. Wind Beneath My Wings (Tradução)
  262. Winter Wonderland (Letra)
  263. Yellow Beach Umbrella (Letra)
  264. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Letra)
  265. You Don’t Know Me (Letra)
  266. You Don’t Own Me (First Wives’ Club) (Letra)
  267. You Don’t Own Me (Letra)
  268. You Don’t Own Me (Tradução)
  269. You’ll Never Get Away From Me (feat. Peter Reigert) (Letra)
  270. You’ll never get away from me (Letra)
  271. You’ll Never Know (Letra)
  272. You’re Moving Out Today (Letra)
  273. Your love keeps liftin me higher (Letra)